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Blackboard Online Course System Help

UPDATE TO STUDENTS USING BLACKBOARD... Blackboard will now be AUTOMATICALLY ENROLLING you in any courses for which you are registered, however, if the instuctor has not made the class AVAILABLE within Blackboard, you will not see it on your personal Blackboard page until that is done.

Blackboard is Victor Valley College's e-learning environment that provides students with the opportunity to stay connected with their instructors and classmates. Blackboard may be a component of some or all of a studentís courses as either a supplement to the course, as an element of a hybrid course or as the structure for a completely online course. Blackboardís potential features include receiving class material, checking grades, online quizzes, virtual chat rooms and discussion boards.

How To Login to VVC Blackboard for Your First Time.
- You will need to complete two tasks. They are:

  1. Update or add an email address to your account
  2. Change the password to your account
Print out this page and use it as a reference to complete enrolling in a VVC Blackboard course.

  1. Open your browser. (It is suggested that you use either, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher, or Mozilla's Firefox 1.0.x or higher, with the Windows Operating System. For the Max Operating System, 10.3 or higher, use Apple Safari 1.2, or Mozillaís Firefox 1.0.x or higher. VVC Blackboard does not currently support other browsers, such as AOL).
  2. Enter the address in the browser's address bar. (Bookmark this page for future reference). This will take you to the gateway screen.
  3. On the gateway screen please click on the Login button.
  4. In the box under Username: enter your username as your seven digit student id number (i.e. 0123456) without any blank spaces. This will remain your username in VVC Blackboard.
  5. Enter your password as your six digit birth date as mmddyy (i.e. Jan 9, 1981 would be 010981). We suggest that you change your password the first time that you login.
  6. You should now be at your VVC Blackboard home page. (You should see Welcome, YOUR NAME HERE! near the top of the page.
  7. Click on Personal Information under Tools on the left hand side of the page.
  8. Click on Edit Personal Information. Add your email address under part one, then complete part 2 and click on the Submit button in the bottom right hand corner of the page. Then select OK on the next screen.
  9. Now click on Change Password. In the password box please type your password (it is case sensitive) then retype it in the Verify Password box and click on the submit button and choose OK and then OK again. This will return you to your personal VVC Blackboard page.
  10. Your home page in VVC Blackboard page will display all of the VVC Blackboard classes that you are enrolled in on the right-hand side of the screen.

For additional assistance contact the VVC Blackboard Online Help Desk at or call (760)245-4271 ext. 2740.