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Student Self-Assessment

The Victor Valley College Online Classes Program provides an alternative instructional delivery system for students at Victor Valley College who are seeking to enrich their learning experiences; or for those who are not currently being served by VVC or by their local community college, college or university. For many, this is because the campus is simply too far from work or home or because of demands on their time, work or family responsibilities that make more traditional instruction impossible to benefit from. If you fall into one of these situations,then Online Classes may be of benefit to you. However, before you decide to enroll, it is very important that you complete the following self-assessment designed by us to assist you in determining if you are ready to learn from an online class:

1.  Which of the following statements best describes what motivates me to take an online class?

  • I am highly motivated and my work schedule/life circumstances prevent me from taking campus classes. (3 points)
  • I am somewhat motivated and I would like to see if this is a possible alternative to campus classes I now take.       (1 point)
  • I have low motivation presently since I am not yet sure how taking online classes will benefit me. (0 points)

2.     When given a set of complex or detailed instructions, I:

  • generally, always read them carefully, often more than once. (3 points)
  • usually just skim to get general idea. (1 point)
  • usually go right on to the work without reading directions at all. (0 point)

3.  I would rate my reading ability as:

  • High reading ability is one of my strengths. (3 points)
  • Average I usually understand what I read. (1 point)
  • Lower than average reading is not one of my strengths. (0 point)

4.  With regard to my writing ability, I:

  • express myself best in writing. (3 points)
  • express myself well in writing. (1 point)
  • find it difficult to express myself in writing. (0 point)

5.  I best understand information when:

  • presented in a visual format (3 points)
  • presented in both a visual and an auditory format (1 point)
  • presented in auditory format. (0 point)

6.  I believe that I have computer skills that are:

  • highly developed (3 points)
  • moderately developed (1 point)
  • lower than average (0 points)

7.  I am a busy person and the time I can  spend on an online course is:

  • the same as I would spend on a campus class or more. (3 points)
  • the same as on a campus class, but no more. (1 point)
  • less than on a campus class. (0 point)

8.  Considering my work schedule/life circumstances, the time I have to work on an online course is:

  • 7-9 hours per week. (3 points)
  • 4-6 hours per week. (1 point)
  • 1-3 hours per week. (0 point)

9.  I consider myself to be mature and  someone with initiative who:

  • can meet project deadlines by managing my time effectively. (3 points)
  • often meets deadlines without having to be reminded, but has some difficulty managing my time effectively. (1point)
  • does not manage my time very effectively and often cannot meet deadlines (0 point)

10.  Group work in class and direct contact is:

  • important, but I find satisfactory sub-stitution in collaborating online. (3 points)
  • an important part of my educational experience, but not critical. (1 point)
  • something that I require as part of my educational experience. (0 point)

11. Face to face classroom discussions with classmates and teacher are:

  • helpful to me, but I find satisfactory substitution online. (3 points)
  • sometimes helpful to me. (1 point)
  • almost always helpful to me. (0 point)

12.  I currently have:

  • a computer at home with Internet access. (3 points)
  • Internet access at a nearby school or community center. (1 point)
  • no computer/Internet access. (0 point)

13.  I would rate my skill in using a  word- processing program as:

  • High. I have excellent skills. (3 points)
  • Average. I have good skills. (1 point)
  • Lower than average. I have little or no experience. (0 point)

14.  I would rate my knowledge and use of email  as:

  • High. I use email daily. (3 points)
  • Average. I use email weekly. (1 point)
  • Lower than average. I rarely use email. (0 point)

15.  Select the statement that applies.

  • I am good at resolving technical difficulties on the computer. (3 points)
  • I am okay at resolving technical difficulties on the computer. (1 point)
  • I am not good at resolving technical difficulties on the computer. (0 point)

16.   If instructed to download a software program, I would:

  • feel confident; I have downloaded software many times before. (3 points)
  • feel a little uncertain. (1 point)
  • feel lost. (0 point)

17.  Please select the statement that best fits  you.

  • I send emails with attachments on a regular basis. (3 points)
  • I have sent email with attachments before and should have no problem doing it again. (1 point)
  • I have never sent an email with an attachment, do not know how. (0 point)

18.  When asked to copy and paste text from one document to another, I would

  • have no difficulty. (3 points)
  • have a little difficulty, and may need some assistance. (1 point)
  • not know what to do. (0 point)

19.  When asked to convert a file to a "rich-text" format in a word-processing program, I would:

  • have no difficulty. (3 points)
  • have little difficulty. (1 point)
  • not know what to do. (0 point)

20.  If asked to "Navigate the Internet" or "Do a  search on the Web" I would:

  • have no trouble at all. (3 points)
  • have some difficulty. (1 point)
  • not know where to begin. (0 point)


How to interpret this self assessment:

  •  If you received a score of 51-60, then online classes are probably okay for you!
  • If you received a score of 40-50, then online classes may be okay for you, if you commit to working hard!
  • If you received a score below 40, then online classes are not right for you at this time.
    Visit for online class login information, or contact a counselor.

 For more information, or to speak with a counselor: Call: (760) 245-4271, ext 2200 or email:

Last Updated 7/21/17