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Karyssa Dennison's Profile

Karissa Dennison - TreasurerName: Karyssa Dennison

Nickname: “Quinn”

Date of Birth: June 11, 1990

Age: 19

City & State of Residence: Victorville, CA


Ministries Involved In: Invisible Children Accountant

Length on Staff (CCC):
-- September 2009-Present (Treasurer)

Current Position: Treasurer

Career Interest:
I want to run my own café.

A beta fish named Todd

Two sisters and a brother.

Art, and worshiping God…. Oh, and setting the world on fire.

Art!... Also I have spiritual gifting in love, acceptance, discernment of the broken hearted, some prophecy, and joy.

Favorite Food(s):
Sushi, cows, most animals, the word of God, tea, sugar, and pizza.

Favorite School Subject:
No?....... Ah well, I’ll take science for 500, Heh.

Favorite Movie(s):
Jurassic Park 1, Tenth Kingdom, and Nightmare before Christmas.

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: In-n-Out.

Favorite Sit Down Restaurant: Some place new with something I haven’t tried.

Favorite Band(s): The Killers, Oh Sleeper, Flogging Molly, Five Iron Frenzy, Brian and Jen Johnson, Hellogoodbye, Jack’s Mannequin, Jake Hamilton, Kill Hanna, My Chemical Romance, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hillsong, and Amberlin.

Favorite Book(s):The Bible, Supernatural Ways of Royalty, A New Moral Revolution, You May All Prophecy, The Ultimate Treasure Hunt, Developing a Supernatural Lifestyle, Good Morning Holy Spirit, When Heaven Invades Earth, Shaping History, and The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

Favorite Sport(s): The Involuntary Luge

Favorite Sports team(s): The Dodgers…. They play basketball, right?

Favorite Holiday: This is going to sound horrible, but I don’t much care for holidays… Let’s go with Pi Day on March 14th.

Favorite Color: Green!!!!!!!!!

Favorite TV Show(s): The Sci-Fi channel.

Favorite Store(s): Petco?

Favorite Gaming System: PS2 or PC.

Favorite Game(s): Halo, Portal, Poker, Pool, Angel where are you, Wakey wakey, Holy Spirit hot seat, Spin the bottle of Prophecy, and Treasure Hunting.

Favorite Verse: “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.” (John 15:13)

Testimony: N/A

If you would like to know more; contact me at: