What is Work Experience Education?

The Work Experience Education courses allow students to get elective college credit for on-the-job training in the related discipline.  For instance, you both are interning with a real estate company or agent and can earn elective college credit in BRE 138.

Our course requires students have a job or internship, new skills to learn at their job or internship, and a supervisor willing to work with them to achieve new skills at their job during the semester.  These requirements must be met in order to participate in the program.  

Work Experience Education is a course that doesn’t meet in person, the hours you spend at your job or internship site are considered your class time.  However, there is course work required through Canvas, an hourly requirement, and a two required meetings.  More detailed information is given to students at their group virtual orientation.  Please see the enrollment page for more details.


Utilizing Work Experience Education can provide:

  • Practical experience

  • Application of classroom learning on the job

  • Career guidance in a real setting

  • Opportunities to learn what areas you excel at

  • Job contacts

  • Demonstrate ambition and initiative to your employer

  • Current laboratory experience and job conditions

  • Experience socialization in work place

  • Transferable elective college units (CSU and some UC)


Students who are not working, or participating in an internship, cannot  participate in Work Experience Education.