2019-2020 Chapter Elections are coming soon!

Alpha Phi Gamma Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa


If you are interested in becoming an officer of our chapter, here are a few important details!

You must be a member in good standing and must be able to commit to regular general meetings as well as occasional officer trainings and meetings.  Your term of office begins at the first scheduled meeting after the Spring Induction Ceremony and terminates the day after the following Spring Induction Ceremony.

The first step in becoming an officer in our chapter is to review the requirements and job descriptions of each position.  Service to your chapter requires a commitment of time and effort.  Please visit the following links to review each officer position and its responsibilities.  You may also want to review the Constitution of our chapter.

  1. Chapter Officer Positions
  2. Chapter Officer Application
  3. Alpha Phi Gamma Constitution

Chapter elections are held each Spring, typically in March.

Once elections are complete and officers are elected, there will be a period where appointments will be made by new officers.  In this case, you will follow the same procedures as listed above.  Your term of office will commence the meeting in which you are appointed and will end the day after the following Spring Induction Ceremony.