(AA-T) Associate of Arts for Transfer Degree in Political Science

The Associate in Arts in Political Science for Transfer degree is to prepare students for transfer to the California State University system. It is specifically designed to fulfill the lower division requirements for the Baccalaureate degree in Political Science at a California State University. The completion of an advanced degree and/or professional certificate, such as a baccalaureate degree, is normally required for students to pursue jobs or careers in related political science fields.

Political Science Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Associate in Arts in Political Science for Transfer degree the student can:

  1. Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and critical thinking skills as related to political theory, institutional politics and political behavior.
  2. Analyze political and social issues within a wide variety of assigned formats.
  3. Recognize the relationships among political actors amongst the different levels of political systems and the political processes for policy development.

Program Requirements: 18-19 units

Required Courses (3 units total)


POLS 102/POLS H102

Introduction to American Government & Politics


Additional Courses

List A (Select three – 9-10 units)

POLS 101

Introduction to Political Science


POLS 110

Introduction to International Relations


POLS 112

Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics


POLS 114

Introduction to Political Theory and Thought


MATH 120/MATH H120
PSYC 215

Introduction to Statistics

Introduction to Statistics in Social and Behavioral Sciences




List B (Select two - 6 units)

POLS 103

State and Local Government


POLS 113

Politics of the Middle East and North Africa


POLS 206

Introduction to Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management


ECON 101

Principles of Economics: Macro


Requirements for the AA-T in Political Science degree at Victor Valley College:

A student wishing to pursue an AA-T/AS-T degree in the above major must ensure the CSU of their choice is accepting that similar major. Students completing an AA-T/AS-T degree are guaranteed admissions into a CSU campus given that a student fulfills the following: 1) 60 CSU transferable units; 2) Completes the CSU General Education (GE) or IGETC General Education pattern; 3) Completes the major requirements for the AA-T/AS-T; 4) Maintains a transferable cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 (C or better); 5) Completes the Basic/Golden 4 GE requirements. For more information on the AA-T/AS-T degrees, meet with a counselor or visit www.sb1440.org and www.adegreewithaguarantee.com.