AA-T Degree in Global Studies


 The AA-T in Global Studies is currently under review.  The exepcted rollout date is the Spring 2021 semester.

The Associate in Arts in Global Studies for Transfer Degree is designed for students planning to transfer into several related majors such as Global Studies, Global Politics, International Relations, International Studies, and Comparative Government. Through interdisciplinary coursework, students will gain exposure to the global scope of contemporary and historical issues. Global Studies focuses on topics such as geographical and cultural diversity, economic interdependence and inequality, global political institutions, international environmental challenges, and global citizenship. Students pursuing the AA-T in Global Studies will study the development of global ideas, organizations, and actors; global interdependence at different points in human history; diverse practices in human civilization across time and space; and interdisciplinary research methods and modes of inquiry.

Global Studies Program Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of the Associate in Arts in Global Studies for Transfer degree the student can:

  1. Define concepts in global studies (e.g., globalization, interdependence, development, regional and cultural diversity, inequality, world problems, states and international organizations).
  1. Identify, analyze, and discuss the global dimensions to various cultural, social, geographic, economic, and/or political issues, past and present.
  1. Demonstrate skills in the methods and theories used to study global topics.

Program Requirements: 21 units

Required Core (6 units total)

GLST 101     Introduction to Global Studies (3 units)

GLST 102     Global Problems/Issues (3 units)

List A:  Select five courses from at least four of the following areas (15 Units total)

Area 1: Culture and Society

ANTH 102     Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3 units)

HIST 104      World History since 1500 (3 units)

POLS 110     Introduction to International Relations (3 units)

Area 2: Geography

GEOG 101    Introduction to Physical Geography (3 units)

GEOG 104    World Regional Geography (3 units)

GEOG 102    Introduction to Cultural Geography (3 units)

Area 3: Economics

ECON 101    Principles of Economics: Macro (3 units)

ECON 102    Principles of Economics: Micro (3 units)

Area 4: Politics

POLS 112     Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics (3 units)

POLS 110     Introduction to International Relations (3 units)

POLS 113     Politics of the Middle East and North Africa (3 units)


POLS 221     Model United Nations  (3 units)

Area 5: Humanities

ENG 240       World Literature: Ancient Early-Renaissance (3 units)

ENG 241       World Literature: Renaissance-Modern (3 units)

FREN 200A  Intermediate French (3 units)


SPAN 103     Intermediate Spanish (3 units)


SPAN 104     Intermediate Spanish (3 units)

Requirements for the AA-T in Global Studies degree at Victor Valley College:

A student wishing to pursue an AA-T/AS-T degree in the above major must ensure the CSU of their choice is accepting that similar major. Students completing an AA-T/AS-T degree are guaranteed admissions into a CSU campus given that a student fulfills the following: 1) 60 CSU transferable units; 2) Completes the CSU General Education (GE) or IGETC General Education pattern; 3) Completes the major requirements for the AA-T/AS-T; 4) Maintains a transferable cumulative GPA of at least a 2.0 (C or better); 5) Completes the Basic/Golden 4 GE requirements. For more information on the AA-T/AS-T degrees, meet with a counselor or visit www.sb1440.org and www.adegreewithaguarantee.com.