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Faculty and Staff


Staff Subject Phone E-mail
Jacqueline Augustine Dean of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences  Ext. 2357
Daniel Vecchio Chair of Foreign Languages Department  Ext. 2363


Adjunct Faculty Subject Phone E-mail
Rickey Abraham ASL
Monique Allen ASL
Rhiannon Aragues ASL Ext. 2532
Debora A. Chesser ASL Ext. 2443
Stacey Delaune ASL
Lindsay Petersen French
Bethany Thompson French
Salvador Alvarez Spanish
Servando Amezquita Spanish
Gary Chaffee Spanish Ext. 2606
Veronica Felix Spanish
Adela Gomez Spanish
Jacqueline Loza Spanish
Nancy Pastrana Spanish Ext. 8719
Santiago Reyna Spanish
Lisbeth Rosales Spanish
Gabriela Vecchio Spanish


Last Updated 3/23/21