Accreditation is a continuing process, the heart of which lies in periodic self-appraisal by each institution. The institution evaluates itself in accordance with standards of good practice regarding goals and objectives; the appropriateness, sufficiency, and utilization of resources; the usefulness, integrity, and effectiveness of its processes; and the extent to which it is achieving its intended outcomes.  It is a process by which educational institutions provide students, the public and each other with assurances of institutional integrity, quality, and effectiveness.  It is a continuing process designed to encourage planning for institutional improvement in quality and effectiveness.

Standard Teams


Accreditation Calendar

•Interim Report
March 28, 2000
•Interim Report Acceptance Letter
June 16, 2000
•Mid Term Report Due November 1, 2001
•Accreditation Webpage
December 1, 2001
•Visit by State Nursing Education Consultants February 6 - 8, 2002
•Annual Report May 1, 2002
•Steering Team selection, Standard Teams formation June-August 2002
•Flex Day meetings of standard teams. Congratulation letters sent out to team members. August 9, 2002
•Ongoing accreditation activities and descriptive summaries researched August-December 2002
•Flex Day meetings of Standard Teams, Tentative time line and assignments for descriptive summaries established January 10, 2003
•Descriptive Summaries Created January - April 2003
•Descriptive Summaries Due April 30, 2003
•Descriptive Summary revisions as needed May - August 2003
•Flex Day meetings of standard teams September 2, 2003
•ACCJC Accreditation training (Cypress College) September 25, 2003
•Draft of standard team reports due to Steering Team December 17, 2003
•Review of draft of Standard Reports

December 2003 - December 2004

•Self-Study Open Forum April 28, 2004
•Revisions to update current information, final editing critique standards and revisions. Revisions, report consolidated into full report July - November, 2004
•Self-Study Open Forum November 8, 2004
•College Assembly Review November 16, 2004
•Accreditation presentation at Department Chair meeting November 17, 2004
•College Assembly Review December 7 & 17, 2004
•Revisions, editing, critique standards and revisions December 10 - 17, 2004

•Board of Trustees Review of Self-Study Report

December - January, 2005
•Prepare for site visit December 2004 - March 2005
•Board of Trustees Review  January 11, 2005 
•Printing and Mailing of Final Report January 2005
•Site Visit March 8 - 10, 2005



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