Accreditation 2011 - Evidence List for Standard IIA


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Accreditation 2011 - Evidence List for Standard IIA

Instructional Programs


Item IIA-1.

Board Policy 1200, District Vision, Values, Mission, and Goals

Item IIA-2.

Board Policy 4000, Standards of Educational Excellence

Item IIA-3. P.R.A.I.S.E. Website
Item IIA-4. Annual Report 2009
Item IIA-5. Online Classes @ VVC
Item IIA-6. Online Classes @ VVC, Student Readiness Survey
Item IIA-7. Curriculum Committee Agenda and Minutes
Item IIA-8. College Planetarium Website
Item IIA-9. Administrative Procedure 4025, General Education Student Learning Outcomes
Item IIA-10. Administrative Procedure 4000, Sustaining Standards of Educational Excellence
Item IIA-11. Campus Climate Survey 2010
Item IIA-12. Board Policy 4035, Academic Collegial Consultation
Item IIA-13. Career and Technical Education Programs Advisory Council Handbook
Item IIA-14. CTE Program Meeting Notes
Item IIA-15. Syllabus for GUID 107, Learning Strategies and Study Skills
Item IIA-16. Syllabus for GUID 70, Alternative Learning Strategies
Item IIA-17. Board Policy 1202, Institutional Effectiveness
Item IIA-18. Administrative Procedure 1202, Implementing Institutional Effectiveness
Item IIA-19. Program Review Division Summaries
Item IIA-20. Program Review and Budget Development Training, Administrators Edition
Item IIA-21. Program Management Flowchart
Item IIA-22. CurricUNET @ VVC
Item IIA-23. Administrative Procedure 3250, Institutional Planning Systems
Item IIA-24. Faculty SLO FAQs and training schedule
Item IIA-25. Agreement with Victor Valley College Faculty Association, California Teachers Association, Chapter 1169, CCA/NEA
Item IIA-26. Board Policy 4025, Philosophy and Criteria for Associate Degree and General Education
Item IIA-27. College Catalog, Programs of Study (see page 53)
Item IIA-28. Global Citizenship Requirement
Item IIA-29. Academic Senate Minutes, April 3, 2008
Item IIA-30. Academic Senate Minutes, June 3, 2010
Item IIA-31. Academic Senate Approved Documents
Item IIA-32. Student Learning Outcomes Assessment FAQs
Item IIA-33. Senate-approved definitions of course modes of delivery
Item IIA-34. Senate-approved SLO Assessment Report Form
Item IIA-35. 2010-2011 College Catalog
Item IIA-36. Board Policy 4050, Articulation
Item IIA-37. Articulation Agreements (UCR and CSUSB)
Item IIA-38. Region 9 Course Matrix
Item IIA-39. Administrative Procedure 4020, Process for Program Discontinuance
Item IIA-40. Board Policy 4020, Program, Curriculum, Course Development, and Program Discontinuance
Item IIA-41. VVC Faculty Handbook (not available; please contact Senate President)
Item IIA-42. Board Policy 5500, Standards of Conduct
Item IIA-43. Administrative Procedure 5220(a), Student Discipline Procedures


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