Accreditation 2011 - Evidence List for Standard IVB


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Accreditation 2011 - Evidence List for Standard IVB

Board and Administrative Organization


Item IVB-1. Board Policy 2010, Membership
Item IVB-2 Board Policy 2110, Vacancies on the Board
Item IVB-3. Administrative Procedure 2110, Vacancies on the Board
Item IVB-4. Education Code 1770
Item IVB-5. Board Policy 2410, Policy and Administrative Procedure
Item IVB-6. Board Policy 4000, Standards of Educational Excellence
Item IVB-7. Board Policy 2200, Board Duties and Responsibilities
Item IVB-8. Board Policy 6200, Budget Preparation
Item IVB-9. Board Policy 2431, Superintendent/President Selection
Item IVB-10. Board Policy 2715, Code of Ethics/Standards of Practice
Item IVB-11. Board Policy 1200, District Vision, Values, Mission and Goals
Item IVB-12. Board of Trustees Minutes
Item IVB-13. P.R.A.I.S.E. Website
Item IVB-14. Annual Report 2009
Item IVB-15. Board Policy 6300, Fiscal Management
Item IVB-16. Board of Trustees Minutes, November 9, 2010
Item IVB-17. Board Policy 2745, Self-Evaluation
Item IVB-18. Board Policy 3200, Accreditation
Item IVB-19. Board Policy 2430, Delegation of Authority to Superintendent/President
Item IVB-20. Board Policy 2435, Evaluation of Superintendent/President
Item IVB-21. Board Policy 7120, Recruitment and Selection
Item IVB-22. Board Policy 3250, Institutional Planning
Item IVB-23. Board Policy 3100, Organizational Structure
Item IVB-24. Board Policy 7110, Delegation
Item IVB-25. Administrative Procedure 1202, Implementing Institutional Effectiveness
Item IVB-26. Administrative Procedure 1201, Shared Governance Structure and Responsibilities
Item IVB-27. College Council Minutes, November 4, 2009






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