Antiracism Resolution, Fall 2020

Whereas, the Academic Senate of Victor Valley College supports essential human rights, equality, and anti-racist treatment of Black/African American, Latinx, Indigenous People of Color (BAALIPC), and fair treatment of all people; and

Whereas, the abhorrent treatment of fellow human beings and the systematic racial injustices continue to escalate, causing people of all nations to rise up in protest; and

Whereas, anti-racism includes an action-oriented approach to reducing explicit bias, racism, and discrimination; supporting diversity; advocating with and for historically under-represented faculty, staff, and students in all areas of campus life; and furthering knowledge to improve policies and systems over time; and  

Whereas systemic/institutional racism exists in policies, procedures, and norms that have a disproportionately negative impact on BAALIPC; and

Whereas, in light of the history of injustice towards People of Color and in light of more recent developments raising awareness of systemic/institutional racism against Black/African American students, colleagues, and community partners, the Academic Senate of Victor Valley College, within its scope of academic and professional matters, affirms that BAALIPC lives and voices matter.

Be it resolved that, in matters related to oversight of curriculum, the Academic Senate will ensure, through direction given to the Curriculum Committee, that equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion is appropriately integrated in the Course Outlines of Record. 

Be it resolved that, in matters related to degree and certificate requirements as well as educational program development and review, the Academic Senate will ensure that courses, degrees, certificates, and programs serve the needs of our BAALIPC students.

Be it resolved that, in matters related to grading policies, the Academic Senate will maintain the integrity of fair and equitable grading practices. 

Be it resolved that, in matters related to standards and policies regarding student preparation and success, the Academic Senate will maintain a regular reporting relationship with student support services to ensure the needs of our BAALIPC students are being addressed.

Be it resolved that, in matters related to district and college governance structures, the Academic Senate will ensure that Academic Senate representatives are sensitive to and take action toward advancing issues of equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Be it resolved that, in matters related to Academic roles and involvement in the accreditation process, the Academic Senate will support an evidence-based accreditation report that includes equality, equity, diversity, and inclusion planning progress. 

Be it resolved that, in matters related to Academic professional development, the Academic Senate will ensure that Faculty will grow and educate themselves on matters of oppression, racial injustice, implicit bias, and related issues and their impact on pedagogy by participating in appropriate professional development activities. 

Be it resolved that, the Academic Senate will advocate that resources are provided through the academic program review process related to activities mentioned herein. 

Be it resolved that, in matters related to Academic hiring, the Academic Senate will carefully assess diversity in hiring and work diligently with relevant groups on campus to expand and improve diverse hiring practices.

Be it therefore resolved, the Victor Valley College Academic Senate commits to actions that will address the inequality and oppression of BAALIPC and celebrate the cultural contributions of students, faculty, and staff.


Academic Senate - Officers and Area Representatives 

Academic Senate Office: Center For Institutional Excellence (BLDG 10), EXT. 2821

AS President Office Hours:

Fall 2021 Mondays: 1:00pm to 4:00pm; Thursday 2:00pm to 3:00pm Building 42 Room 1


Science Building Liberal Arts Advanced Technology Center
Butros, Michael  Bozonelos, Dino Adell, Tim **REP AT LARGE 
Burnett, Jane Callahan, Noaquia Becker, Barbara
Cerreto, Richard *AREA REP Davis, Tracy *AREA REP  Campbell, Bryce
Gibbs, David *** DiBartolo, Brian  Fisher, Jamie
Gibbs, Jessica *AREA REP Dupree, David Francev, Peter *AREA REP
 Harvey, Lisa Franklin, Nathan Hammond-Williams, Heather
Howard, Kristy Garcia, April Morgan, Brittany
Jalota, Naveen   Golder, Patty *AREA REP Mott, Justin *AREA REP
 Kaiser, Hinrich  Simanyi, John Niehus, Monika
Kennedy, T.J. Solis, Judy Ngobi, Said
Mayer, Eric Vecchio, Daniel Pendleton, Joe
Mecklenburg, Trinity Viehweg, Jarom Redona, Jeff
Melkonian, Arda    Ruiz, Maria
Meyer, Archie   Visser, Sandy
Montgomery, Jane   Wagenhoffer, Joshua
Moore, Adam   Weis, Anh
Negrete, Alex    
Nguyen, John    
Noguez, Andres    
Ridge, Jeff    
Sauer, Frank    
Schellhous, Thomas    
Toner, Stephen    


Vocational Library and Counseling Allied Health
    Cullen, Sean
Bennett, Lee *** Bachmeier, Yasmine *AREA REP Luna, Starlie
Bonato, Anthony  Beach, Kelley *AREA REP Gray, Tiana *AREA REP
Brown, Regina *AREA REP Clark, Tamala Haines, Michael 
Busch, Tyler Dorn, Lorena Larez, Pamela
Coultas, Steven Dube-Price, Melanie Longoria, Renate
Flores, Ricardo Gaytan, Manuel Padfield, Karmen
 Kuhns, Troy Gonzalez, Magali Portillo, Silvia
 Nelle, Steve Huiner, Leslie*** Marin, Traci
Ohshita, Christopher Insley, Lyman Munroe, JoAnn
Rubayi, Khalid **REP AT LARGE James, Pamela Truelove, Terry *AREA REP
 Shaner, Keith Law, Jennifer  
Slade, Neville Lucateros, Gustavo  
  Marquez, Evelyn  
  Ochoa, Lorena  
  Pierce, Sherri  
  Ramsey, Christian  
  Record, Manika  
   Reed, Yvonne  
  Stahlke, Jacqueline  
   Wollan, Diane  


Performing Arts Center Academic Commons Kinesiology
  Glickstein, Lynne  Blanchard, Debby *AREA REP
Foster, Frank Thomas, Shane Guardado, Lynn
Fowlie, Jennifer  Tonning, Paul Victor, Bruce
Heaberlin, Ed *AREA REP Quarles, Brian White, Christa
Miskell, Karen Wendt, Julia *AREA REP  
Shelby, Christina Young, Henry ***  
Taylor, Shuron    
Veloz, Anna-Marie    
Welch, Brigham    


Regional Public Safety Training Center Part Time Faculty Legend:
Cohen, Heath

Akers, Glenn *AREA REP

* = Area Rep
Hendrickson, Brian

Cooper, Jamey *AREA REP

** = Rep At Large
Jones, Scott  Jefferies, Leontine *AREA REP  *** = Executive Officer
Myers, Christi *AREA REP    *AREA REP for Fall 2021  
Oleson, David    
Padgett, Rand    
 Valdez, Robert