Associated Student Body Goals

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Each year, the 18 elected student council members commit themselves to representing the study body’s interests in a fashion they feel will enhance the “caring” student experience found at Victor Valley College. Ongoing support from VVC faculty, staff, administration, and past ASB Council members allows them to continue their road to success. While completion of their personal educational goals are of primary concern, they desire to maintain and further a strong sense of pride in the cultural, political, and academic achievements of the VVC community.



Victor Valley College Associated Student Body Council

2020–2021 Goals

  1. The ASB Council will ensure the delivery of a monthly student body newsletter.


  1. The ASB Council will coordinate with the Vice President of Student Services to update the VVC student handbook and ensure it is available to all students.


  1. The ASB requests support of the VVC administration & Board of Trustees to establish a campus podcast with plans to expand into a radio station with for-credit opportunities.


  1. The Associated Student Body requests the Vice President of Administrative Services allocate resources necessary to increase security and safety of our community by improving campus lighting.


  1. The ASB Council will engage with campus “homeless liaisons” to support and advocate on behalf of homeless VVC students.


  1. Acknowledging that computers and internet connection are essential to student success, the ASB Council will work with the Chief Information Officer to increase wifi coverage throughout campus, including parking lots and outdoor areas, and student access to computers.


  1. The ASB Council will work with the Director of Auxiliary Services to expedite student access to the campus Printshop.


  1. The ASB will partner with the career education and job development departments to generate and increase internships which promote student professionalism and career networking.


  1. Peer support is critical to student success; the ASB will work with the Vice President and Dean of Student Services in developing a peer mentor program to support students' social and emotional well-being.


  1. Recognizing that hydration stations are essential to students’ health and well-being, the ASB Council will work with the Vice President of Administrative Services to identify key locations and ensure they are installed.