Associated Student Body Goals

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Each year, the 18 student council members commit themselves to representing the study body’s interests in a fashion they feel will enhance the “caring” student experience found at Victor Valley College. Ongoing support from VVC faculty, staff, administration, and past ASB Council members allows them to continue their road to success. While completion of their personal educational goals is of primary concern, they desire to maintain and further a strong sense of pride in the cultural, political, and academic achievements of the VVC family.

The final goals were pared down from an initial list of 402 goals at the ASB Retreat held July 06-09,2023 and were adopted on July 11, 2023. Change doesn't happen overnight, until it’s ready to happen, then overnight is exactly when it might happen. The students will address many of the issues that were on their initial list as time permits.

Hope shines in every corner.  It rides an air of fellowship that says, “We're all in this together” and a feeling of one for all and all for one.



Victor Valley College Associated Student Body Council

2023–2024 Goals

  1. A.S.B. will promote the distribution and use of VVC mobile and text messaging app to improve communication, more deeply engage the college community, and promote student engagement.

  1. In response to increased student demand. The Council respectfully requests that the Academic Senate prioritize full-time hires in Physics and American Sign Language.

  1. Recognizing that health is essential to student success, the A.S.B. Council will seek the approval of the student body to propose to the President/Superintendent and the Board of Trustees that a student health center be established on campus.

  1. A.S.B. will acknowledge and highlight inspiring faculty, staff and students to increase campus camaraderie, morale and academic success.

  1. The VVC Associated Student Body aims to secure funding and approval from the administration for an on-campus coffee shop.

  1. Recognizing our community’s need for Basic Life Skills, the Associated Student Body will work with the Director of Non-Credit to offer classes on topics such as day-to-day financial management.

  1. The Council will partner with the Deputy Superintendent Executive Vice President of Administrative Services to assess and evaluate the planetarium equipment and facility to revitalize the Astronomy program and strengthen ties to our community.

  1. The A.S.B. council will partner with administration to implement preferred name, gender identity, and pronouns in Admissions and Records.

  1. To help students graduate on time, A.S.B. will collaborate with Instruction and Admissions and Records to create a more student-oriented schedule and registration process.

  1. A.S.B. will participate with Instruction and Student Services to enhance students’ multi-cultural experience by reinstating and funding Study Abroad and International Study Programs.

  1. The college has built a Basic Needs Center to help in-need students. The Council will publicize the Center and promote students using its services.

  1. The A.S.B. council supports the creation of new clubs such as VVC Mock Trial to expand extra-curricular opportunities for students.

Adopted: July 11, 2023