Auxiliary Services Department

The Auxiliary Services department oversees or coordinates the activities of the following areas at VVC:

To speak with a staff member from  Auxiliary Services, dial 760-245-4271 + the extension shown in the table below.

Name Title Extension** Email
Deanna Sanabria Director, Auxiliary Services 2707
Kortny Marlatt Clerical Technician II 2480
Kathy Mata Accounting Technician II 2612
Amy Espinoza Accounting Technician II 2898
Carl Durheim Bookstore Operations Assistant: General Merchandise, Special Orders, Uniforms 2795, 2259 
Kendra Ullger Bookstore Operations Assistant: Text and Trade Books 2794, 2259
Sarah Gamblin Bookstore Operations Assistant: Shipping, Receiving and Web Orders 2910, 2259
Nancy Christian Performing Arts Center Lead Technician 2513
Matthew Bauman Performing Arts Center Technical Specialist 2441
Andrew Dahl Performing Arts Center Technical Specialist 2445
Scott Mulligan Print Services Specialist 8401