BestNET Online

You can access your:

  • Earnings Statement
  • Leave Balances
  • W2s
  • Verify your current address in the HRIS system

NOTE - if you've forgotten your password/login or if it's been more than 180 days since you last logged in, you must re-register using your most recent pay stub.

Login to the BEST NET online system now - click here



If you are enrolled in Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), your paystub can only be accessed through Best Net. You can access your pay information electronically through your secure BESTNET logon. Register/Login in order to elect this feature or to reverse your original entry.


For Employees in a Bargaining Unit, you will be able to view your leave balances on the BESTNET System BY SELECTING THE LEAVES LINK (located on the left menu of the system after you are logged in.



BestNet Pay stubs will combine earnings together if they share the same earn type code which may result in confusion on what all was paid to you that month.
The earnings statement report will pull up the earnings for that month and break out each pay line and the description of that payment for clarity of what all was paid. The link below will take you to the MyVVC login and after you are signed in you will be able to access the breakdown of last fiscal year and current fiscal year pay stubs. There will always be one prior fiscal year available and current fiscal year earnings. Once the next fiscal year begins, then the prior fiscal year will no longer be accessible. 

The earnings statement breakdown is only available to our full-time/part-time faculty teachers. 

For a legend of position descriptions, please click the following link: EARNING STATEMENT LEGEND