California Nursing Students' Association

What is CNSA?

Mission Statement

California Nursing Students’ Association leads by example, creating a statewide community of politically conscious, technologically savvy, and socially aware nursing students. CNSA fosters the transition of the student to the role of the professional nurse through the development of leadership, activism, and advocacy. CNSA supports scholarship, volunteerism, and mentorship to influence nursing education and nursing care in California.

The Victor Valley College CNSA also supports VVC's mission and the Nursing program philosophy. Victor Valley College Mission Victor Valley College, Associate Degree Nursing Philosophy 

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President: Chelsea Soria

Vice-President: Rebecca Martin

Treasurer: Tara Washburn

Secretary: Desiree Moroyoqui

ASB Rep: Josh Fabian


What’s going on with CNSA?


2nd & 4th  Wednesday, 12:30-1:30PM, 

ER Snack Bar

The ER snack bar will be rolling around during lecture this semester, so stop by and see what we have! All items for sale are cheaper than the vending machines, gas stations, and most stores and we have a variety of things like fruit, candy, gum, granola bars, beef jerky, and energy drinks. If you have any suggestions or are a CNSA member and would like to help get involved with this please contact the Treasurer.


Upcoming Community Events

Penny Wars

We are continuing our new penny wars tradition at the beginning of the semester. There is a new twist this time, all monies that go into the NP4 jar will be donated to their graduation! All other classes' proceeds will go into CNSA funds to help fund more scholarships and fun projects! Winning class will receive a prize that will be announced later into the semester. Placement of jugs to be announced.

Rules: Pennies and bills count as positive points. Silver coins count as negative points.

Example: 1 penny = 1 point, 1 dollar = 100 points, 1 nickel = -5 points, 1 quarter = -25 points.

Keep checking back with us. More exciting news and events will be added once the semester is going.

Visiting Local High Schools

We plan on visiting high schools in the near future to help them get on track to getting into a nursing program and letting them know what to expect while they are in the process of getting in and what to expect why they are in a program.

Flo’s Closet

Flo’s closet is in the process of being set up. There is going to be an area run by staff that has things such as scrubs, stethoscopes, and other nursing school necessities for students who might not be able to afford that one more thing for nursing school. We are in the process of setting up a box so people's requests will not be seen by anyone other than the specific staff that are going to be giving out the items. If you have any questions please contact CNSA President.

T-shirts and Sweatshirts

We now have our new design out for the sweatshirts and t-shirts. T-shirts are $15 while hooded zip-ups are $35. If you would like an order form please contact any member of CNSA.

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Allied Health Newsletter

VVC Allied Health is excited about our student newsletter 'The Journal'. If you have any stories, suggestions or pictures please submit them to the Journal Editor.