Careers in Political Science, Global Studies, Law, Public Policy, and Society, and Paralegal Studies

The AA-T degrees and certificated offered in the department provide students with the knowledge and training to complete a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, Global Studies, Public Administration, or Law and Society.

Many of the jobs in these related career fields pay well.  However, most require having a graduate degree.  Please keep this in mind as you move forward in your academic and professional career.  Below is a list of potential careers

Sector                                                  Entrance Exam   Advanced Degree Needed
1. Business and Finance                   GMAT                MBA

Govt Relations/Lobbying
Business Development
Financial Consulting
International Business/Trade

Human Resources                               LSAT                   JD
Patent Law
Compliance Officer                           

2. Public Service                                 GRE                    BA (MA/Ph.D. if necessary)

2a. Federal Government

Executive Level
Cabinet Depts (Homeland Security)
Independent Executive Agencies (SSA, NASA, EPA)
Independent Regulatory Commissions (FCC, SEC, FEC, NLRB, EEOC)

White House
Executive Office of the President (OMB/CEA/NSC/ONDCP/USTR)
White House Office

Legislative (DC) Office

District Office

Caseworker; Chief of Staff; Counsel; District Director; Executive Assistant; Field Representative; Legislative Assistant; Legislative Correspondent; Legislative Director; Office Manager; Press Secretary; Scheduler; and Staff Assistant

Congressional Committees
Staff directors, committee counsel, committee investigators, press secretaries, chief clerks and office managers, schedules, documents clerks, and assistants
Congressional Agencies (GAO/CRS/GPO/CBO/LOC)

2b. State Government                        GRE                    MPA or MA in Govt.

Executive Level (Hundreds of Agencies: see website)

Governor’s Office (Boards & Commissions)

State Legislature
Legislative (Sacramento) Office

District Office
Caseworker; Chief of Staff; Counsel; District Director; Executive Assistant; Field Representative; Legislative Assistant; Legislative Correspondent; Legislative Director; Office Manager; Press Secretary; Scheduler; and Staff Assistant

2c. Local Government                        GRE                     MPA or MA in Govt.

County Level
County Administration & Executive Agencies
County Public Services
County Health & Public Safety
County Judicial Services

City Level
City Council
City Management
City Public Services

3. Public Policy Analysis                     GRE                     MPP

Public policy refers to the rules, regulations, and guidelines formulated by governments for the purpose of solving problems that have an impact on the society and the general public. Public policy analysis involves evaluating issues of public importance with the objective of providing facts and statistics about the extent and impact of the various policies of the government. The basic objective of public policy analysis is to assess the degree to which the policies are meeting their goals. Public policy analysis deals with the application of social science theories and methods to analyze matters of public    importance.

Business and Entrepreneurship
Civil Infrastructure
Community and Economic Development
Education Policy
Environmental Policy
Health Policy
Homeland Security and Public Policy
International Policy and Development
Media and Communications Policy
Nonprofit Management and Policy
Political Management
Social Justice
Transportation Policy and Planning
Urban and Social Policy

Private Contractors/Consulting                                      Lean Six Sigma Cert.

4. International Affairs                       GRE                   MA in Intl. Affairs/Dipl.

U.S. Foreign Service
FSO – Five tracks
Diplomacy: Chiefs of Mission & Staff, Ambassadors at Large
Foreign Service Personnel

Intelligence Community – 16 members
2 Programs: National Foreign Intelligence & Military Intelligence

Twenty-Fifth Air Force                                  United States Air Force
Intelligence and Security Command             United States Army
Central Intelligence Agency                           Independent Agency
Coast Guard Intelligence                                United States Coast Guard
Defense Intelligence Agency                          Dept. of Defense
Office of Intel and Counter-intel                    Dept. of Energy
Office of Intelligence and Analysis                Dept. of Homeland Security
Bureau of Intelligence and Research             Dept. of State
Office of Terrorism and Financial Intel         Dept. of Treasury
Office of National Security Intelligence        Drug Enforcement Administration
Intelligence Branch                                         Federal Bureau of Investigation
Marine Corps Intelligence Activity                Dept. of Defense
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency      Dept. of Defense
National Reconnaissance Office                    Dept. of Defense
National Security Agency                               Dept. of Defense
Office of Naval Intelligence                           Dept. of Defense

Foreign Government Work
Lobbying/Interest Group (DC)
Contractors – Civilian and Military

5. Political Campaigns & Political Party Jobs            B.A. Political Science

Campaign Work
Campaign Manager
Finance Director/Fundraiser
Communications Director/Press Secretary
Field Director/Voter Contact
Campaign Treasurer
Volunteer Coordinator
Political Director/Constituency Organizer
Technology Manager
Office Manager
Legal Advisor

Field Staff:
GOTV Coordinators
Phone Bank Coordinators
Canvas Coordinator

Campaign Consulting Firms
Public Opinion/Polling

Political Party
National Committees (DNC, RNC)
State Committees (DSCC, RSCC)
County Committees (SDCDP, SDCRP)

Policy: Party Leadership, Caucuses, Standing Committees, Commissions, Chartered Organizations
Administration: Analytics, Congressional Campaigns, Digital, Field Operations, Targeting

6. Non-Profit Management              GRE                    MS or Cert Non-Profit Mgmt

Types of Non-Profits
Interest Groups

Executive Officers/Directors
Field Directors
Gift Officers/Planned Giving Specialists
Public Relations Coordinators

7. Academic Research                        GRE                    Ph.D

Research (Doctoral Granting) Universities & Research Centers
Highest Research Activity (R1)
Higher Research Activity (R2)
Moderate Research Activity (R3)

Think tanks
Survey Research
Policy Analysis          

8. Teaching (Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education)

Comp (MA Granting) Univ                   GRE                       Ph.D.
Larger programs (M1) award at least 200 masters-level degrees
Medium programs (M2) award 100–199 masters-level degrees
Smaller programs (M3) award 50-99 masters-level degrees

Liberal Arts (Baccalaureate) College  GRE                       Ph.D.

Community Colleges                            GRE                      MA, probably Ph.D.

High School                                           CBEST                   BA, M.Ed.

9. Educational Admin                         GRE                      M.Ed., Ed.D.

UC System (President’s Office/10 campuses)

CSU System (Chancellor’s Office/23 campuses)

Community College System (Chancellors’ Office/114 campuses)

High School System (District Office/Local campuses)

10. Law

Attorneys                                                LSAT                      JD

Trial Lawyers
U.S. Attorney’s Office
District Attorney’s Office
Public Defender’s Office
Criminal Defense Law

Specialty Law
Business/Corporate Law
Judge Advocate U.S. Military
Bankruptcy Law
Civil Rights Law
Employment Law
Environmental Law
Health Policy Law
Immigration Law
Electronic Document                                     
Discovery Law
Elder Law
Property/Real Estate Law
Personal Injury Law

Administrative Law Judges
Appellate Court Judges
Superior Court Judges
General Trial Court Judges
Municipal Court Judges

Legislative Analysts              
Congressional Offices
State Legislative Offices
County Boards & Commissions        

11. Law Related Careers

Paralegal                                                                            Cert/AA in Paralegal Studies
Litigation Paralegal
Estate Planning and Probate Paralegal
Corporate Paralegal
Employment/Labor Law Paralegal
Real Estate Paralegal
Government Paralegal

Arbitration                                                                         JD + Cert in Mediation
Court Appointed – Civil/Family Law
Financial Industry/Foreclosure
Consumer Product/Liability

Mediation                                                                           BA/MA + Cert in Mediation
Court Appointed – Civil/Family Law
Organizational Ombudsman
Dispute Resolution

Neutral Analysis (Fact-Finders)

Union Organizing                                                              MA in Conflict Resolution