Certificate of Achievement in Global Competency

According to our mission statement, “Victor Valley College, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to providing opportunities for student learning and success through academic advancement, workforce development, and personal growth.”

Victor Valley College’s Global Competency certificate meets the needs of both students and employers alike. The program focuses on students utilizing international and comparative perspectives to understand global issues. Students will be able to demonstrate the ability to communicate the relationship between values, skills, global affairs, and global careers in order to participate in this ever-changing world. The concepts and techniques learned in this program will allow students to prepare for careers in U.S. diplomatic positions, homeland security analysts, intelligence officers & analysts, international organization worker, and international business positions.  Students in the program will investigate and communicate the relationships between national, international, transnational and sub-national actors and how these interactions affect global politics. Through this course curriculum, students coming out of the program will be in the top of their class when pursuing an undergraduate degree, will be competitive for graduate school, and will be competitive when applying for a job in a related field.

Program Goals and Objectives

Upon completion of this program, the student will have met the following Program Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate a breadth of knowledge and critical thinking skills as related to global affairs.
  • Analyze global issues within a wide variety of assigned formats.

Catalog Description

Our increasingly interconnected and interdependent global society mandates that American students be educated to develop habits of the mind that embrace tolerance, a commitment to cooperation, an appreciation of our common humanity, and a sense of responsibility— key elements of global competence.  This certificate of achievement is designed to enhance a student’s global competency.

Program Requirements

All of the following courses must be completed:

GLST 101       Introduction to Global Studies                                                            3.0 units
GLST 102       Global Problems/Issues                                                                       3.0 units
POLS 110       Contemporary World Affairs                                                               3.0 units
POLS 112       Comparative Governments                                                                 3.0 units
POLS 113       Politics of the Middle East & North Africa                                          3.0 units

A minimum of 3 units from the following:

ANTH 102      Cultural Anthropology                                                                         3.0 units
CMST 105      Intercultural Communication                                                               3.0 units
FREN 101       Elementary French                                                                               5.0 units
GEOG 102      Cultural Geography                                                                             3.0 units
HIST 104        World History Since 1500                                                                    3.0 units
HIST 131        Latin American History                                                                        3.0 units
POLS 221       Model United Nations                                                                         3.0 units
RLST 110       Religions of the Middle East & the West                                             3.0 units
SPAN 101       Elementary Spanish                                                                             5.0 units
SPAN 101A    Fundamentals of Spanish IA                                                                3.0 units
SPAN 125       Conversational Spanish                                                                       3.0 units