Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Next Application Period:    We will be accepting application for the SPRING 2025 semester starting August 26th, 2024.  The application will be up about 9am on Monday, August 26th.

Next Mandatory Orientation: For the FALL 2024 semester class will be May 8th at 6pm.  We will hold the orientation in the Performing Arts Center (Building 54). 


Applicants will need to sign in when attending the orientation. 

If you do not sign in you will not be in the class.



NOTE: You will need to attached a copy of your High School Diploma, GED, or Transcripts with your application.


(If you have never used our "next gen forms" before,
you will be prompted to sign up before the application appears)

Please submit questions to Email: Nicole.Cobo@vvc.edu or please call us at 760-245-4271, Ext. 2289


Program Description

The CNA course enables students to become familiar with basic principles of nursing, including procedures and techniques. Clinical experience is provided in extended care facilities. Students will learn to provide and meet the patient's basic physical and psychological needs and promote a spirit of restoration and independence in a safe, efficient and competent manner. This is a State approved pre-certification program. Completion of the course DOES NOT guarantee certification. Students MUST achieve a grade of C or better to take the State certification examination.

Per California Department of Public Health requirements and State law students must attend all lectures, all labs, and all clinicals. Tardy or absent students will be dropped from the program as they will not be able to meet the CDPH approved curriculum to take the State exam.

Prerequisites: See below and documented clearance for any crime more serious than a minor traffic ticket. Students will complete a live scan at the beginning of the course. Co-requisite: Current American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) card that does not expire prior to the end of the semester.

Students who complete will need to take and pass the State CNA exam to become Certified. To take the State CNA exam students must bring valid government issued ID as well as their original Social Security Card.

Class Schedule

Our CNA course is one semester. The course consists of lecture one day per week (normally 8am until 12:15pm) and lab OR clinical one day per week (lab is normally 8am until 4:30pm, clinical is normally 6am until 2:30pm). Lecture is normally scheduled for either Mondays OR Tuesdays. Labs/clinicals are normally scheduled Tuesday, Wednesdays, OR Thursdays. The day of the week is set at the beginning of the semester and is based on total number of students in the program as well as availability of clinical sites.

Estimated Costs

  • Registration & college fees = $299-$309 - Please check with Financial Aid to see what they cover for your specific circumstances
  • Books, uniforms, supplies and medical Clinical requirements = $200 - $340
  • Liability Insurance = $13 (Paid through the Bursars office when you have been registered)
  • Document tracking, drug screen, American Heart Association Basic Life Support (AHA BLS) = $130 - $175
  • State licensure exam = $120
  • Total Estimated Costs = $762 - $957
  • (Costs are approximate, out of pocket expenses are often lower)

Requirements for Entry

Age 16 at date of application


  • High School Diploma


  • GED


  • College English (C or better)


Applicants cannot be convicted of any disqualifying penal code

Program Process

  1. Apply for the program during the application period. NOTE: The application period is normally the semester prior to attending the course.
  2. Attend the MANDATORY orientation. During the orientation we will go over all program requirements.
  3. Complete the medical requirements, background check, and drug screening requirements as outlined in the orientation.
  4. Purchase your supplies as outlined during the orientation.
  5. You will be enrolled shortly before the course begins. You will only be enrolled if you meet clinical requirements.
  6. Attend the class, meet your clinical requirements, and make sure you get a course average of 75% or better.
  7. Take the State exam.

Please contact the Allied Health/Nursing Office for any additional questions. 

Clinical Requirements

Participation in Clinicals is required to participation in the Certified Nursing Assistant Program. 
To participate students will need to meet the following requirements PRIOR to the beginning of class;
Vaccination records must be provided for; 
•    Mumps     •    Pertussis
•    Measles    •    Varicella
•    Rubella     •    Influenza
•    Tetanus     •    Hepatituis B
•    Diptheria   •    COVID

Please check with your primary health provider to see if you are current on your vaccinations.
The following are REQUIRED. 
When they need to be done will be covered during orientation;
Titers are required to demonstrate immunity to the following;
•    Mumps
•    Measles
•    Rubella
•    Varicella
•    Hepatitis B

Current test for Tuberculosis 
Current Physical.
Medical Record keeping through Complio to demonstrate medical compliance with Clinical requirements
American Heart Association (AHA) Basic Life Support (BLS) certification that does not expire prior to the end of the class.
Live scan background check and Drug screen
All of these requirements will be covered during the orientation.

Applicants who do not meet clinical requirements WILL NOT BE ENROLLED.

 General Information Health Sciences/Allied Health

760-245-4271, Ext. 2289 or Email Nicole.Cobo@vvc.edu