Communications Center


The VVC Communication Center, located on the 2nd floor of the Performing Arts Center, Room 54-213, is available to all VVC students, staff, faculty, and the public who would like help with the development and delivery of oral presentations from research, outlining, delivery, and visual aids including PowerPoint presentations. Additionally the center offers services in foreign language tutoring and as of Spring 2018 semester we are now home to the ESL lab.

The Communication Center is set up to provide one-on-one training with people coming in who need to prepare a speech for any class or public speaking event.  People can also tape themselves practicing a presentation so they can review it and make improvements.  Students, faculty, and staff wanting information on other areas of communication studies, such as interpersonal and intercultural communication, small group leadership, persuasion, etc., can also find resources here. 


We Have:

  • Interesting and helpful assignment suggestions
  • Speech recognition software for students wishing to improve their English skills, use dictation or convert writing to synthesized audio stream
  • Presentation aid advice and practice for future presentations
  • Friendly, helpful staff that are there to ensure your success
  • Helpful journals, text books, exercises, and more
  • The ability to tape your presentations for your review and critique
  • A viewing room that can be utilized by students required to watch films and/or other DVDs or taped presentations for class.
  • Headsets/computer stations for foreign language students to complete online portion of coursework
  • Daily workshops in Communication Studies topics