Core Classes | Pathway to Law School Program

Required Core Courses for Pathway to Law School Participants


Required Core Courses
Course Name Course Title Units
PAL 100 Introduction to Paralegal Studies (not UC Transferable) 3.0
ENGL 101.0 or
English Composition and Reading
Honors English Composition and Reading
ENGL 104 or
ENGL H104 orPHIL 109 orPHIL 207 orRLST 207
Critical Thinking and Composition
Honors Critical Thinking and Composition
Introduction to Logic (does not count for IGETC)
Introduction to Critical Thinking
Introduction to Critical Thinking
CMST 109 or
CMST 104
Public Speaking
Argumentation and Oral Debate (does not count for IGETC)
MATH 120 or
MATH 120H orPSYC 215
Introduction to Statistics
Honors Introduction to Statistics
Introduction to Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
HIST 117 orHIST 117H orHIST 118 orHIST 118H orHIST 155 History of US to 1876
Honors US History to 1876
History of US from 1876
Honors History of US from 1876
Women in US History
POLS 102 orPOLS H102 Introduction to American Government and Politics
Honors American Government and Politics
GUID 50 College Success (not transferable to universities) 1.0
POLS 138 Cooperative Education Political Science (not UC transferable) 1.0 - 8.0


Additional Notes:

Students must meet the admission criteria for each participating institution.

This program is not a substitute for law school or the California Bar Examination, nor will successful completion allow students to practice law. Any attempts to do so may result in the unauthorized practice of law which is subject to penalties.