Counseling Services

Counseling services are available to all students. Students are invited to come in for confidential help in strengthening academic performance, selecting an education major, developing educational and career plans, solving situational problems, and improving self-understanding.

Career Planning

Counselors can assist students with exploring career options. Students are also encouraged to enroll in a career planning class, Guidance 4E. This educational planning class helps students discover their own interests, attitudes, and values and will help them make an initial career choice.

Academic Counseling

Counselors are available to help students plan their long and short-term educational careers. Advice on setting educational goals and matching classes to a student's particular needs are some of the types of guidance to be obtained through academic counseling. Information on the college's requirements for certificates of achievement and A.A. or A.S. degrees is available, as are transfer requirements to other schools.

Social/Personal Development Counseling

The stresses and demands of college and life can frustrate us, deplete our energy and sap our joy and motivation. If you would like a listening ear or tools to help you through a personal dilemma, stop by the Counseling Department. The Counseling Department is a resource to help you deal with stress or receive guidance, so that you stay on the right track and be successful as a student. We promote student success through learning and self-exploration, so you can be successful in your personal and academic life.

The college maintains a staff of professionally educated counselors to serve its students. Counseling services are available to every student and member of the college community. With professional counselors, students may explore freely and in confidence concerns which are important to them.

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