We take the health and safety of our students seriously and while we are putting on the academies during this time because it is deemed essential training, we will be following CDC, State and Local guidelines related to the pandemic.  Until updated guidelines are given, we will be taking the temperature of each student prior to their admittance onto campus each day, masks will be worn at all time and all academy classes will be broken into squads of no more than 10 people to ensure social distancing.  Thank you for your patience and willingness to be flexible during these trying times.  If you have any questions, please contact us at the contact information below.


Bureau of State and Community Corrections - Standards and Training for Corrections (BSCC - STC) Certified Adult Corrections Academy


Correctional Academy: CJ 64:

CJ 64, the STC Adult CORE Correctional Academy is a 187 hour academy that, upon completion, certifies the graduate to work in a California prison or jail.  The academy is certified by the California Bureau of State and Community Corrections (BSCC) - Standards and Training for Corrections (STC).  See the attached links for the CJ 64 Orientation and Student Contract.

Core Correctional Officer Academy Overview

Correctional Academy Orientation Letter

Correctional Academy Participant Contract

The Academy Orientation Letter gives the needed information for uniforms and conduct.  The Participant Contract should be printed out, signed, and brought to the first day of class.

The STC CORE Course Program


The BSCC has identified six courses designed to provide the core knowledge and skills needed to be successful at the beginning of a worker’s career through entry-level, supervisor, and manager/administrator positions. These courses are referred to as “core” courses.

Core training consists of entry-level or basic training for newly appointed entry-level, supervisory, and management corrections staff employed in local jails and probation departments. Core course training is directly linked to a job performed by corrections staff and although standards allow up to one year to complete a core course, participating agencies are encouraged to have eligible staff complete training before an actual work assignment.

The entry-level core courses contain subject matter that directly relates to the performance of job tasks as established through job analysis. Core courses consist of modules that are specific in content and time allocated to the training subjects. The subjects taught in each module are critical to being able to perform job tasks.

One of the selection standards for line staff in moving from entry-level to journey-level status is the successful completion of core training.

Here at the VVC RPSTC, we offer the following CORE course:

• Adult Corrections Officer Core Course -187 hours of instructions

In addition to First Aid and CPR as required by Emergency Management Services, the Adult Corrections Officer Core Course consists of a minimum of 187 hours of instruction in specific performance/instructional objectives. Entry-level staff must successfully complete these course objectives by showing a satisfactory level of proficiency on relevant achievement tests. This training shall be completed in the first year of job assignment as an Adult Corrections Officer.