Degree and Certificate Information

Psychology, AA-T (33026)

The Associate in Arts in Psychology for Transfer degree is to prepare students for transfer to the California State University system to complete a degree in Psychology or similar major. It is specifically designed to satisfy the lower division requirements for the Baccalaureate degree in Psychology at a California State University. This degree complies with SB1440 and California Education Code section 66746. The Associate of Arts Degree in Psychology benefits students by providing a structured academic pathway to transfer as a psychology major within the CSU system. The completion of an advanced degree and/or professional certificate, such as a baccalaureate degree, is required for students to pursue employment, graduate studies, and/or careers in related psychological fields.

To earn this degree complete the major coursework listed here with “C” grades or better and the following graduation requirements: 60 CSU transferable units; either the CSU General Education or IGETC pattern; the Basic/Golden 4 requirements; and a 2.0 minimum overall CSU GPA. Courses used in the major may also be counted in the general education areas. Courses used for this major may also be used to earn other degrees at VVC.


Applied Developmental Psychology Certificate of Achievement (38779)

The Applied Developmental Psychology (ADP) Certificate of Achievement at Victor Valley College is an academic program that prepares students to deliver behavioral services under the supervision of a credentialed and/or licensed professional. The field of ADP concentrates on using knowledge of human development and related research to help solve real world problems. The ADP Certificate offers an entry-level preparation for anyone interested in careers in education, psychology, health-related fields, or public policy. 


Review the College Catalog to see the course requirements for the Psychology AA-T and the Applied Developmental Psychology Certificate of Achievement.