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Program Review Cycle 2020 - 2024 (4 Year Cycle)

Comprehensive Year: 2020-2021

Update Year: 2021-2022

Update Year: 2022-2023
Close the Loop Year: 2023-2024



Next Program Review Term begins Fall 2022

Important Dates:

October 1                          Training begins from Instructional Program Review Coordinator
November 1st                    Optional for units to submit to Peer Technical Review for Feedback from Committee
December 1st                    Deadline for programs to submit their program reviews
December 15th                  Program Reviews and resource request lists sent to Deans


Instructional Program Review Handbook
Instructional Program Review User Manual (Comprehensive and Update Years)


Training Videos for Fall 2020
Phase 1: Narrative
Phase 2: Data Assessment
Phase 3: Annual Program Planning and Augmentation


PDF Materials
IPR Signature Sheet 2020 VVC.docx
IPR Signature Sheet 2020 VVC.pdf


PHASE 1 Narrative PRAISE Worksheet.docx
PHASE 2 Data Assessment Worksheet.docx
PHASE 3 Planning & Augmentation Worksheet.docx
Instructions with Screen Shots:
Access Previous IPR Reports.pdf
TracDat IPR Login.pptx
Phase 1 Narrative PRAISE IPR.pdf
Phase 2 Data Assessment IPR.pdf
Phase 3 Planning & Augmentation IPR.pdf
Running IPR Reports.pdf
Download Completed IPR Summary.pdf 


Program Review at Victor Valley College

Program Review (PR) at Victor Valley College is a self-assessment by its programs used to promote institutional effectiveness and provide the basis for budget and resource planning and allocation. It is a systematic process for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of student enrollment data and outcomes assessment data (SLO, PLO, and ILO) to produce the Program Review, Allocation, and Institutional Strategies for Excellence (PRAISE) report and update progress regularly. It is an instrument for identifying areas of change within its programs, and it is conducted to promote the effectiveness and relevance of instruction and the effective use of resources. These assessments are integral to the alignment of the programs’ goals with the mission of the college for college-wide planning. This Handbook describes the instructional program review process for Victor Valley College and outlines the process to be used for instructional programs.

Program Review and Campus Planning Process


Campus Planning Image

Program Review Cycle


Program Review Cycle Image

Year 1: Comprehensive Program Review (CPR): Thorough analysis of the program, its student enrollment and outcomes assessment data, its climate/environment, and its new program plans, goals and resource needs based on the previous cycle of performance.
Years 2 and 3: Annual Program Update (APU): Provides any relevant updates on the program direction, program plans, enrollment and outcomes assessment data, and resource allocations and needs.
Year 4: Close the Loop Year (CTL): A self-study and update year where departments can follow-up and reflect on the program plans, resource requests, and strategies of the past cycle. 


Program Review Committee Documents