Dual (Concurrent) Enrollment


At Victor Valley College we are dedicated to helping high school students throughout our district achieve college and career readiness. In partnership with local high schools, we are striving to support students' needs by:

  • Offering students opportunities to enroll in college-level courses to support high school graduation rates;
  • Increasing the number of students who are college and career ready upon graduating from high school;
  • Increasing students preparation to transfer to four-year colleges and universities starting in high school; 
  • Developing seamless Career Education pathways from high school to community college;
  • At Victor Valley College there are multiple ways students can earn college credit while still in high school.


K-12 Grades


Dual Enrollment: CCAP & Non-CCAP

Dual Enrollment offers high school students the opportunity to enroll in VVC courses and receive college credit while pursuing their high school diploma. Dual Enrollment is divided into two areas: CCAP and Non-CCAP (formerly Concurrent Enrollment). Courses are offered in a variety of disciplines and fields including general education and career pathway courses that align with local industry. Students can take these courses at their high school or at VVC depending on the agreement between the high school district and the college district.

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Admission to VVC

All students must complete VVC's Admissions application through CCCApply and follow the Steps to Enrollment for Dual Enrollment students. Note: Home School students, who wish to enroll as a Non-CCAP student, must provide a copy of the affidavit which has been filed with the California Superintendent of Public Instruction to the Admissions and Records office prior to registration.


CCAP - College and Career Access Pathways

Assembly Bill No. 288 - Established the College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) Students enroll in a VVC course offered as part of a College and Career Access Pathways (CCAP) partnership agreement between the Victor Valley College and a local high school district. The classes are taught at a local high school campus during school hours. Classes taught at a high school are restricted and are only open to high school students. These courses are completely free for students, and students receive both high school and college credit. Students must complete the Online CCCApply Application and submit the CCAP Dual Enrollment Form (provided by the high school counseor) to register

 Students who are interested in participating in the CCAP program at their high school should meet with their high school counselor for more information.



Non-CCAP (formerly Concurrent Enrollment)

Students enroll in VVC courses offered on our campus or online with approval from their high school. Enrollment fees college-related fees apply. (See below) Students are also responsible for the cost of any books and supplies. Students receive college credit for courses taken, but their high school will determine if they are able to receive dual credit towards their high school graduation requirements as well. Students must complete the online CCCApply Applicaton and submit the Dual Enrollment form to register.

Dual Enrollment Form (Non-CCAP Students)

A completed Dual Enrollment form must be submitted each semester before the student can register for classes.

Dual Enrollment Form

Unit limitations

Non-CCAP students are limited to maximum of 11 units, no more than 4 courses for Fall or Spring semesters and 8.0 units for Summer/Winter semesters.

CCAP students are limited to a maximum of 15 units, no more than 4 courses for the Fall or Spring semester and 8.0 units for Summer sessions. CCAP students will not be permitted to take winter session courses due to CCAP classes dates overlapping winter dates.

Neither Non-CCAP or CCAP students will be permitted to go over the unit limit or course limit. 



Fall Semester

Summer/Winter Semester

Spring Semester

Course Unit Fee

$1.00 per unit ($5 max if enrolled in more than 5 units)

No fee

$1.00 per unit ($5 max if enrolled in more than 5 units)

Transportation Fee

$5.50 in 5 units or less

$6.00 if enrolled in 5.50 units or more

$3 flat rate

$5.50 in 5 units or less

$6.00 if enrolled in 5.50 units or more

Student Representation Fee

$2 (Contact VVC Bursar's Office to have waived)

$2 (Contact VVC Bursar's Office to have waived)

$2 (Contact VVC Bursar's Office to have waived)

ASB Card

$10 (Contact VVC Bursar's Office to have waived)

$5 (Contact VVC Bursar's Office to have waived)

$10 (Contact VVC Bursar's Office to have waived)