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How to Find Your Class Schedule
on Ellucian® Go


Follow These Steps to View Your Class Schedule

  1. Search for Ellucian Go on your mobile device's app store.

  2. Download and install the app.

  3. When you first open the app, scroll down to and select Victor Valley College


  4. The picture of the Student Activities Center across the lake will appear

  5. Tap the menu icon at the top left of the screen


  6. On the menu, tap on My Courses


  7. Login with your WebAdvisor Username and password


  8. Your Class Schedule will load on the screen


  9. The Full Schedule tab shows you all courses organized by Term

  10. The Daily Schedule tab shows you your course schedule in a day-by-day format

  11. Tap on a course in the Daily Schedule or Full Schedule view for course details, including course description, location, instructor contact information and more.