The study of English offers the student development of writing skills as well as an appreciation of literature. The discipline of reading and writing about the human experience is a vital foundation for all learning.

Since English composition courses are designed to help the student write the kind of
papers commonly required in college courses, the student's first course in composition should be taken during the first semester of college work and the second course during the second semester. For course descriptions, choose Courses from our menu at left.

Career opportunities, most of which require a bachelor's degree, include copywriter, editor, journalist, proofreader, public relations worker, researcher, and technical writer.

English courses are offered to meet a variety of student needs and requirements. The courses are designed to accept students at various skill levels and enable them to gain the writing skills necessary to achieve their goals.

Students should take their first course in composition during the first semester (15 units) of college work since composition courses teach students to write the kind of papers commonly required in college courses.