Enrollment process and point system

How to apply to the Victor Valley College Associate Degree Nursing program

Step 1

Complete all of the educational prerequisites for the program.  You can find all of the prerequisites HERE.  Per 16 CCR § 1412 applicants must have the equivalent to a high school education. This can be met by having a high school diploma, General education Development Certificate, a degree from a junior college, college, or university. If your education was obtained in another country you will need to have your degree or certificate evaluated.

If you have specific questions about transferring coursework from other colleges or universities, please Email our Nursing Counselors a copy of your unofficial transcripts and your specific question. You will need to apply to Victor Valley College before our counselors can review your transcripts. They can be reached at nursingcounselor@vvc.edu.  

If you have gone to another college or university, please make sure you forward your official transcripts to Victor Valley College.  Please see our Admissions page for how to submit transcripts.   https://www.vvc.edu/admissions-records   

If you have taken the TEAS test within the last five years and have scored a 70 or better within your first two attempts, you can forward your results to VVC.  To do so, please go to ATItesting.com and follow their directions.

NOTE: No medical documentation is required before or during your application process.  During your orientation you will be directed when to provide your medical documentation.

If you have not done so, you will have an easier time navigating our systems if you apply to Victor Valley College and have a VVC Student ID number.  You can click on the "APPLY" button at the upper right to apply.

Step 2

Apply to our program during our application period. We accept applications for the FALL 2024 semester from February 5th to February 23rd, 2024.  You will not be able to access the application prior to the start of our application period.

The application will be on our Nursing home page;  http://www.vvc.edu/registered-nursing
Please note, the application uses the "Nextgen Forms" system. For students at VVC you will be prompted to log in using your student account. For non-VVC applicants you will be prompted to create an account.

You will need to attach a scan or image of your unofficial transcripts from all schools. These will need your coursework that applies to the Nursing program highlighted in yellow (If yellow is not legible for your transcripts, please choose a color that IS legible). You will ONLY highlight the courses you will be using to meet our prerequisites. If you have more than one page or more than one set of transcripts, please combined them into a single document OR put them into a .zip file for upload.

You will need to attach scans or images of your license or certification for points.  If you are submitting a letter of life or special circumstance please attach that to your application.


Step 3

Review all items on your application before you submit. We will calculate your points based on the coursework you list on the application worksheet in your application. 

As an example, if you have two (or more) math courses that qualify as prerequisites, you can select the one you wish to use to get the most points possible.

After you have hit the submit button, you will see the Counselors worksheet.  This is so you are familiar with where our counselors will be scoring your application and you can see EXACTLY what you will be given points for.  You will also need to hit the “Submit” button on this page even though you have not entered anything.

Step 4

We invite the top 65 applicants by points to take the TEAS exam on campus. Please note, each semester you are only competing with the other applicants that semester to be invited to take the TEAS exam.  We won't know how many points each of the top 65 applicants will have, as such we won't know how many points you will need to be invited to take the TEAS until after the end of the application period.

If you have already taken the TEAS, make sure you forward us your official score. You can do this from the ATI website (ATITesting.com).  Please do this before you apply.
NOTE:  We look at your FIRST TWO results in a rolling five year window. This means if you apply February 15th, 2023, we will look at your FIRST TWO test results since February 15th 2018.

Please note, we do not accept HESI test scores.

Step 5

Score a 70 or better on the TEAS test. The TEAS test is administered on campus in building 33, room 135.  If you are selected to take the TEAS please arrive 15 minutes early. You will need to bring photo ID. You cannot have a calculator or phone in the testing room. There is a calculator built in to the TEAS test software.

We will then place students based on their points and TEAS into the next semester.  If you are not placed for the following semester we highly recommend applying during the following application period.

Step 6

Victor Valley College does not have a wait list.

If you are selected and score a 70 or better on the TEAS, you will be placed based on your points + TEAS score in the NEXT SEMESTER.

If you were not selected, or did not score 70 on the TEAS, or could not be placed in the next semester, you will need to apply again during the next application period.

When applying to the Victor Valley College Nursing program, your application will be scored based on the following criteria


Academic degrees or
diplomas, or relevant
certificates held by an

15 points

BS/BA 15 points
AA or AS 10 points
*Degree awarded and posted to transcript.

Official Transcripts showing

relevant license or
certificates held by an

15 points

15 Points:   LVN, Occupational Therapist, Paramedic, Pharmacist, Physical Therapists, respiratory Therapist

10 Points:   CNA, Dental Hygienist, Medical Assistant, Psych Tech

  5 Points:   Dental Assistant, Dental Technician, EMT, Hemodialysis Technician, Pharmacy Tech, Phlebotomist, Radiology Tech, Surgical Tech

*** Military Medical Experience ***

Points based on evaluation of training and/or experience.

Copy of License or Certification.

For Military experience, Joint
Service Transcripts, service specific transcripts, or DD 214.

Grade point average in relevant course work.

NOTE: Minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or higher for prerequisite coursework required.

50 Points

Combined GPA for Anatomy / Physiology / Microbiology

(NOTE 6 year recency for SPRING 2024 application period)

GPA = 4.0 25 Points
GPA = 3.50 - 3.99 20 Points
GPA = 3.00 - 3.49 15 Points
GPA = 2.50 - 2.99 5 Points


Combined GPA in English Composition and Intermediate Algebra or Higher Math

GPA = 4.00 25 Points
GPA = 3.50 - 3.99 20 Points
GPA = 3.00 - 3.49 10 Points
GPA = 2.50 - 2.99 5 Points


Official Transcripts
Life experiences, special
circumstances of an applicant, including but not necessarily limited to, the following:
Disabilities, low income /
need to work, first of family to attend college. Social or educational disadvantages, difficult personal / family situations or  circumstances Refugee or veteran status. And why applicant has chosen a Nursing education.
5 Points 5 Points total for life experiences

Brief letter explaining life or special circumstances.

MLA Letter format

12 point font, double spaced

Minimum 2 page length

Advanced level  coursework in languages other than English. 5 points

5 points total for language proficiency

Example would be Spanish 103 or 104 here at Victor Valley College. MUST be "B" or better.

Official Transcripts.
Must show advanced level
Courses at VVC/BCC 10 Points 15 Units or more completed (of the courses that apply to the VVC Nursing degree) at Victor Valley College or Barstow Community College. *Cannot use Biology 100, 107 and 201 or Chemistry 100 and 201.* May use only one course from subject areas that state choose one. Official Transcripts


We use a multicriteria screening process per EDC § 78261.5.

The following definitions will be helpful when writing your letter of life or special circumstance;

(A) “Disabilities” has the same meaning as used in Section 2626 of the Unemployment Insurance Code.

(B) “Disadvantaged social or educational environment” includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the status of a student who has participated in Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS).

(C) “Grade-point average” refers to the same fixed set of required prerequisite courses that all applicants to the nursing program administering the multicriteria screening process are required to complete.

(D) “Low family income” shall be measured by a community college registered nursing program in terms of a student's eligibility for, or receipt of, financial aid under a program that may include, but is not necessarily limited to, a fee waiver from the board of governors under Section 76300, the Cal Grant Program under Chapter 1.7 (commencing with Section 69430) of Part 42 of Division 5, the federal Pell Grant program, or CalWORKs.

(E) “Need to work” means that the student is working at least part time while completing academic work that is a prerequisite for admission to the nursing program.

For assistance with MLA formatting please use THIS LINK