Faculty and Staff


Staff Subject Phone E-mail
Jacqueline Augustine Dean of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences  Ext. 2357 jacqueline.augustine@vvc.edu
Daniel Vecchio Chair of Foreign Languages Department  Ext. 2363 daniel.vecchio@vvc.edu


Full Time Faculty Subject Phone E-mail

Natàlia Verjat

Spanish Ext. 2352 natalia.verjat@vvc.edu



Adjunct Faculty Subject Phone E-mail
Rickey Abraham ASL    rickey.abraham@vvc.edu
Monique Allen ASL    monique.allen@vvc.edu
Rhiannon Aragues ASL Ext. 2532 rhiannon.araques@vvc.edu
Debora A. Chesser ASL Ext. 2443 deborah.chesser@vvc.edu
Stacey Delaune ASL   stacey.delaune@vvc.edu
Lindsay Petersen French   lindsay.petersen@vvc.edu
Bethany Thompson French   bethany.thompson@vvc.edu
Salvador Alvarez Spanish   salvador.alvarez@vvc.edu
Servando Amezquita Spanish   servando.amezquita@vvc.edu
Gary Chaffee Spanish Ext. 2606 gary.chaffee@vvc.edu
Veronica Felix Spanish   veronica.felix@vvc.edu
Adela Gomez Spanish   adela.gomez@vvc.edu
Jacqueline Loza Spanish   jacqueline.loza@vvc.edu
Nancy Pastrana Spanish Ext. 8719 nancy.pastrana@vvc.edu
Santiago Reyna Spanish   santiago.reyna@vvc.edu
Lisbeth Rosales Spanish   lisbeth.rosales@vvc.edu
Gabriela Vecchio Spanish   gabriela.vecchio@vvc.edu