Faculty | Spanish

College Phone # (760) 245-4271

To call a faculty member, dial the College Phone # (above), then followed by their extension # (below).

Full Time Faculty Subject Phone E-mail


Adjunct Faculty Subject Phone E-mail
Mo Franco Spanish x2343 mo.franco@vvc.edu
Martha Vila Spanish x2586 martha.vila@vvc.edu
Gary Chaffee Spanish  Ext. 2606  gary.chaffee@vvc.edu
Veronica Felix Spanish   veronica.Felix@vvc.edu
Adela Lomeli-Gomez Spanish   adela.gomez@vvc.edu
Nancy Pastrana Spanish Ext. 8719  nancy.pastrana@vvc.edu
Salvador Alvarez Spanish   salvador.alvarez@vvc.edu
Servando Amezquita Spanish   servando.amezquita@vvc.edu
Santiago Reyna Spanish   santiago.reyna@vvc.edu

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