The Federal Work Study Program

Guide to apply and search for Federal Work-Study Jobs


  1. Student can search for both off campus, non Federal Work-Study (FWS) jobs and for on campus FWS jobs using our new on line software. Any student can search available off campus non FWS jobs. To do so, you would look at the available openings and follow the appropriate instructions. These jobs are not endorsed or sponsored by the college. We are merely providing this as a service to students and the community. You will apply, interview, and be hired by the organization to which you are applying.
  2. Students interested in applying for a FWS position, must first request access to the site. Once access is approved, you will log in with your user name and password to shop (search) for a job. You would then apply for the job you are interested in.
  3. Your application would then be forwarded to the department supervisor for the job you applied for. They will choose to interview you and request the hire.
  4. Once the employment paperwork is processed, you will be notified when you may begin working.
  5. Your employment time sheet will be electronic. You will continue to log in to post your hours and sign your time sheet electronically. Your supervisor will do the same to sign off on your hours worked.
  • Important note: Irrespective of if a department wishes to hire you, FWS is awarded on a first come, first serve basis.
  • In order to receive FWS, a student must have completed their financial aid file and have sufficient unmet need and be otherwise eligible.
  • Students must be enrolled in (and maintain) at least 6 units at all times. Dropping below 6 units will immediately terminate your FWS employment.
  • Due to extremely limited funds, once we exhaust funds for placed students, no further FWS positions will be filled, and students still interested will remain on a waiting list.
  • Students awarded FWS may work until they exhaust their funds, cease enrollment in at least 6 units, become ineligible for federal financial aid, or are otherwise terminated by their department supervisor.