Financial Aid Disbursements

Requirements for Receiving Your Aid:


Financial aid is disbursed to the VVC student account no earlier than the first week of instruction to ensure a student is attending courses. Disbursements will pay any allowable charges (enrollment and tuition, and fees) owed on the student account before any refunds are generated to a student. Students are paid aid based on classes they are attending. For example, if a student has a class that is starting later in the semester, aid will not be disbursed until the course starts and the student is attending. A student receiving a disbursement of financial aid has agreed to the Financial Aid Terms & Conditions

There are a number of tasks that a student must complete in order to make sure that financial aid awards disburse in a timely manner and as scheduled. Below are common reasons a disbursement may not disburse as scheduled: 

  • Complete All Outstanding Requirements — Be sure that every item in your Checklist in Financial Aid Self-Service is completed by the cut off date for a disbursement date-click for Financial Aid Self-Service Guide for step by step instructions
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) — Be sure that you view your SAP status online in Financial Aid Self-Service-click for Financial Aid Self-Service Guide for step by step instructions.
  • Eligible Coursework — Students must be enrolled in courses that are applicable your primary degree on record with our Admissions & Records Office; this means that the courses must be required to graduate. It is strongly encouraged that you follow the Educational Plan created with your Academic Counselor to avoid any eligible coursework issues.
  • Enrollment Level — You are paid based on the number of units you are enrolled in on the 15th day of instruction. You may owe a repayment of financial aid funds if you withdraw from courses prior to this date and have already received a disbursement of funds-see chart below for more on Enrollment Level and disbursement.
  • Academic Holds — If there are any academic holds on your account, you must resolve them before your aid will be disbursed. 
Payments are based on the number of full-term units.*
  • 12 or more units - full time enrollment (Students receive 100% of award per semester.

  • 9.0-11.5 units -- 3/4 time enrollment status (Student receives 75% of award per semester.

  • 6.0-8.5 units -- 1/2 time enrollment status (Student receives 50% of award per semester.

  • 0.5-5.5 -- less than 1/2 time enrollment status. 0% of award per semester.

*Disbursements will be based on current enrollment status. Late starting classes will be calculated when those classes begin. Classes added after census or freeze date, will not be counted for purposes of determining the financial aid award amount.