FALL 2023 Disbursement & Cutoff Schedule

The following schedule outlines the disbursement and cutoff dates for Fall 2023 term. Students must meet disbursement eligibility requirements

Students are paid aid based on classes they are attending. For example, if a student has a class that is starting later in the semester, aid will not be disbursed until the course starts and the student is attending.

Fall 2023 Semester Disbursement & Cutoff Schedule

(Dates are subject to change)



PELL Grant 8/14/23 9/1/23 30% of eligible award amount
CAL Grant  (DREAMERS) 8/30/23 Week of 9/18/23 100% of eligible award amount
SSCG DREAMERS 09/06/23 Week of 9/25/23 100% of eligible award amount
PELL Grant 9/11/23 Week of 10/2/23 MAKEUP**
CAL Grant  9/22/23 Week of 10/16/23 100% of eligible award amount
SSCG 10/2/23 Week of 10/23/23 100% of eligible award amount
PELL Grant 10/9/23 Week of 10/30/23 MAKEUP**
CAL Grant  10/23/23 Week of 11/6/23 MAKEUP**
SSCG 10/25/23 Week of 11/13/23 MAKEUP**
PELL Grant


Week of 11/20/23

70% of eligible award amount
SEOG 10/24/23 Week of 11/20/23 100% of eligible award amount
CAL GRANT  (DREAMERS) 11/13/23 Week of 12/4/23 MAKEUP**
SSCG (DREAMERS) 11/17/23 Week of 12/11/23 MAKEUP**
CAL Grant 11/27/23 Week of 12/11/23 MAKEUP**
SSCG 12/1/23 Week of 12/18/23 MAKEUP**
PELL Grant 12/4/23 Week of 12/18/23 MAKEUP**
PELL Grant/SEOG 1/2/24 Week of 1/22/24 MAKEUP**


*CUTOFF DATE: The disbursement cutoff date means that a FAFSA must be received by VVC, requested documentation must be submitted and accepted, and an Award Offer Letter generated by the Office of Financial Aid on or before the cutoff date to make that disbursement run. To determine the cutoff date for your file, view your Checklist in Financial Aid Self-Service and check for the last date a document(s) was submitted-click for Financial Aid Self-Service Guide for step by step instructionsPlease allow 14 business days for a FAFSA record to be received by VVC once FAFSA is submitted at studentaid.gov

*MAKE UP DATE: The disbursement makeup date is a date after the original aid type was disbursed. If a student missed the cutoff date for an award, or submitted a FAFSA and/or requested documentation after the original disbursement date, then a disbursement can be made on the next available disbursement date if all requirements are met.