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General Forms


Non-Bargaining (Non Classified) Hiring Forms Process

  1. To Initiate a Hiring Form for a Non-Bargaining Employee.
  2. To Complete, Track and Review Already Initiated Hiring Forms for Non-Bargaining Employees
    • This hiring form contains the following hire types and instructions (Click #1 above):
    • Short-Term Hiring Form
    • Substitute Hiring Form
    • Professional Expert Hiring Form
    • Student Hiring Forms
    • FWS student workers should only be initiated by Melina Rodriguez.
  3. Managing Your Forms Queue - (Click #2 Above)
  4. Notification of Change of Authorized Signer (Temporary or Permanent)
  5. Questions:
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CCE - Community Contract ED

Certificated Hiring Forms Process



Classified Forms


Management Group (Administrators, Managers and Confidential Employees)







Confidential Employees