The study of French concentrates on explaining and communicating ideas and concepts by means of reading, writing, and verbal process through creative use of words. Courses also include studies of culture, literature, and civilization with classroom emphasis on the spoken language.

The study of French affords insight into foreign attitudes and methods and encourages free communication, written and oral, among people. For course descriptions, choose Courses from our menu at left.

Career opportunities, which may require advanced degrees, include a variety of fields in which bilingualism may be an asset: advertising, education, government, international business, journalism, law enforcement, and social work, among others.

The French courses are designed not only to familiarize students with the spoken and written language but also to provide insights into French culture, literature, and civilization.

No associate degree is offered with a major in French. French courses may be used to fulfill requirements for an Associate in Arts degree with a major in Liberal Arts.