Frequently Asked Questions



1. Does the FL Department offer credit by examination?


2. Does the department give credit for AP Exams?

Yes. Students who have taken the AP Language or Literature exam receive 5 units of credit for Spanish or French if they obtain a score of 3.  Students who take the AP Spanish or French Literature and Culture exam receive 10 units of credit for Spanish/French 101 and Spanish/French 102 if they obtain a score of 4 or 5. These credits count toward the AA degree at Valley College. AP scores may also be used to certify the IGETC Foreign Language Proficiency. However, if you are planning to transfer to a university, please see a Victor Valley College counselor. You will need to consider the AP credit policies of the university to which you plan to transfer in addition to the Foreign Language Department's AP policies. Each CSU campus, each UC campus, and each private university has its own policies concerning the transferability of units and how it will use the AP exams for major requirements.

3. I took the AP Exam in Spanish Language and Culture and received a score of 4. What class should I enroll in?

You may enroll in Spanish 103. If you received a score of three you should consider enrolling in Spanish 102. 


4. I took two years of high school Spanish but did not do very well. May I start with Spanish 101 again?

Yes, you may begin with Spanish 101.


5. I am a native Spanish speaker. What class should I take?

If you are a native Spanish speaker and have never studied Spanish you should enroll in Spanish 101.


6. I am a native Spanish speaker and took two years of high school Spanish. What class should I take?

You may enroll in Spanish 102.


7. I enrolled in Spanish 101 and found it to be a little too fast for me. What can I do?

Enroll in Spanish 101A. Then follow with Spanish 101B the following semester. Spanish 101A is a 3-unit class that covers half the material covered in Spanish 101. Together with Spanish 101B, they are the equivalent of Spanish 101. Please note that UC gives credit for Spanish 101 only when both are taken.


8. I am not interested in grammar and would like to sign up for a conversation class.

Enroll in Spanish 125.  Please note that conversation classes are not open to native speakers of the language. Recommendation: students who are not interested in transfer credit and wish conversation classes that have no prerequisite may wish to consider classes offered through Community Services.


9. I got a C in my Spanish 101 (French 101) class but don't feel confident enough to go into the next level. What can I do?

You may sign up in the Admissions Office to audit the course, provided the instructor approves your audit. Auditing is a way in which you may sit through the class and learn the material without official enrollment. There is no grade involved, no units given, and no record of the course on your college transcript. We also recommend that you sign up for Spanish 101B which is the second half of the level 101 courses. This will prepare you for the level 102 class. Please note that credit is not given for both Spanish 101 and Spanish 101B. This is recommended only to help you master the subject matter.