Guidance Courses

 "Working together for student success."

The Counseling faculty are committed to helping students achieve their educational and career goals. Guidance courses help student clarify academic, career, and personal goals. These courses are also designed to evaluate and identify strategies, attitudes, and behaviors that contribute to a student’s overall success in college and in life. Students can use the table below as a guide to identify which course(s) can best serve their needs:

GUID 50: College Success 
This course is for non-transfer students, students in high school, and students just starting their college journey to help them build college success strategies and understand college culture.

GUID 51: Orientation to College 
This course orients non-transfer students, students in high school, and students just starting their college journey to VVC’s policies, procedures, and support programs

GUID 55: Building Math Confidence 
This course assists students who have math anxiety or struggle with math.

GUID 56: Self-Esteem 
This course helps students combat negative thought processes, and helps build confidence and self-esteem.

GUID 66: Peer Advising Techniquies
This course trains Peer Advisors. Students should reach out to the Director of EOPS for additional information.

GUID 101: First Year Experience
This course helps transfer students in their first yeat of college and builds a strong foundation for future academic sucess.

*Students not considering transfer should consider taking GUID 50 & 51

GUID 103: Career Experience & Life Planning
This course helps students who may be undecided on their major and/or career goals, and students who may want to evaluate whether a specific career(s) is right for them. Additional focus on professional development.

GUID 105: Personal and Career Success
This course helps students who are preparing to leave VVC and transition to the 4-year or into the workforce. Additional focus on identifying personal and professional goals.

*Students seeking career and major exploration should consider taking Guid 103

GUID 107: Learning Strategies & Study Skills
This course helps returning students, students who have taken a break from school, or students wanting to improve their learning strategies, motivation, and mindsets. Additional focus on current performance and strategies to increase effectiveness in college and life.

GUID 128: Special Topics

This course is offered as needed and covers special topics. Recommendations from students are welcome.


Students are encouraged to visit our course catalog here to read more detailed course descriptions.