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    • It is an online platform that will give you access to current job and internship opportunities, and inform you of career related activities happening on- and off-campus
    • It uses your classes, skillset and major to match you with a list of opportunities that are best suited for you.  Therefore, it is important that you complete your Student Profile before you begin searching for jobs or internships.  

California Jobs:

Jobs and Internships:

San Bernardino County Jobs:

School District Job Database:

Government Jobs:

  • USA Jobs - Official job site of the United States Federal Government
  • State Personnel Board - Information available on state job opennings and civil service exams

Helpful Job Sites:

  • Ziprecruiter - Assist in getting qualified candidates through the site within the first day
  • Yahoo! Jobs - has joined Monster to provide fast and effective job search resources in Redding
  • Internsource - Program that contracts with private companies and government agencies to recruit, hire and manage student employees for various positions within their organizations
  • - Offers free services and search for jobs 
  • - Gives job seekers free access to employment opportunities from thousands of websites along with trends, salary information and forums
  • - Job seekers can search for jobs, post resumes, research companies and obtain career advice and salary information
  • - Part-time and full-time hourly job site
  • Hospital jobs - Hospital directory/ jobs online
  • Nonprofit Organizations - Non profit job listing in Orange County
  • Community Colleges Registry 
  • State Jobs - Look for career opportunities in your state