Kinesiology/Physical Education (KIN,KIND,APE,HLTH,ADPE)


Physical Education is an integral part of the total educational program. Kinesiology is the study of how the body moves. It contributes to the spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and emotional growth and development of each student through physical activity, health and dance. It is the goal of this department to provide opportunities for students to become and remain active and well versed in all around health through a variety of activity courses as well as several specialized lecture courses.   These offerings will apply to those students who seek to transfer to a four-year college or university or a career in Kinesiology/Physical Education, Exercise Science, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Dance and Health. 

Degrees: (Transfer Model Degrees are available for students who are seeking a transfer to the California State University system)

Kinesiology (KIN) AA-T Associate Degree for Transfer

Public Health Science (KIN) AA-T Associate Degree for Transfer

Nutrition and Dietetics (KIN) AA-T Associate Degree for Transfer



Fundamental Dance Teacher Certificate

Athletic Trainer Aid I Certificate


Beginning Fall 2013, no classes may be repeated except Adapted Physical Education.  Students will find new courses that are within the same activity that can be taken to increase skill.  Not more than four units of Kinesiology/physical education or dance activity classes will be counted toward the Associate in Arts or Science degrees.  Course descriptions can be found by clcking on the subject desired:

Kinesiology (KIN)

Health and Nutrition (HLTH)

Dance (KIND)

Adapted PE (APE)

Adult PE, Non-Credit (ADPE)

Career opportunities, which may require advanced degrees, include health instructor, lifestyle counselor, Kinesiology/PE instructor, dance instructor, recreation director, personal trainer, nutritionist, exercise physiologist, physical therapist and sport psychologist.  Click here for more information on jobs and professional organizations.

The kinesiology/physical education courses stress leadership, cooperation, safety, and lifelong health. A variety of activities are offered, encouraging students to develop lifelong fitness activities and patterns for recreation. Our dance department coordinates performance opportunities each semester as well as provide dance activity opportunities through a variety of dance courses.  

With the exception of Adapted Physical Education, all Kinesiology/Physical Education activity classes and dance classes are intended for healthy individuals. It is highly recommended that anyone 35 years or older have a physical checkup before enrolling. A Kinesiology/Physical Education course is required for Associate degree completion.