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Electronics and Computer Technology Department Equipment List

It is important that students get the hands-on experience that they will need to compete in the workplace. Giving students this real-world readiness is our primary goal.

This list is broken into three main courses of study: electronics, computers, and networking.


Students enrolled in electronic classes have the opportunity to work on both traditional and computer based test equipment.

Traditional workbenches include:

  • Prototyping trainers with built in power supply, audio amplifier and controls
  • Sencore Analog Oscilloscopes
  • Sencore Video Signal Generators
  • Sencore Waveform Analyzer
  • Analog and Digital Multimeters
  • Digital, Analog, RF and Audio Signal Generators

Computer based test equipment includes:

  • Multisim Computer Based Simulation Software for designing, prototyping and testing electronics circuits.
  • Labview Computer controlled electronics lab with virtual instrumentation suites.
  • Labview Computer Based Graphical Programming for customizing instrumentation, data acquisition, and control with PC based hardware to interface circuits and other external hardware.
  • Labview Computer Based Spectrum Analyzers, Multimeters, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Digital I/O, Analog I/O, Waveform Analysis, etc.
  • Mathcad for Equation Solving

Specialized Trainers for the following technologies:

  • AM (Amplitude Modulation)
  • FM (Frequency Modulation)
  • PM (Phase Modulation)
  • Microwave Communications
  • Digital communications
  • Telephone Communications
  • Lasers
  • Digital
  • Microprocessor Programming
  • Microprocessor Interfacing
  • Microprocessor Applications
  • Power Supply Troubleshooting
  • Instrumentation
  • Industrial Control
  • Fiber Optic Theory
  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Copper Network Cabling


Hardware and Software Computer Lab Equipment :

Students, working on labs for computer classes, work on desktop computers equipped with removable hard drives. This allows for easy transitions from one course to the next. For many software classes, each student is assigned their own hard drive for the duration of the course. This greatly facilitates the learning process by allowing a student to continue projects from one session to the next. For hands-on hardware labs, students have the opportunity to take apart and reassemble working desktop computers to gain real world - not simulated - troubleshooting experience.


General Home/Office Networking Lab Equipment:

  • Desktop Computers
  • HP Network Printers
  • D-Link Hubs
  • D-Link Switches
  • Panduit Network Cabling Equipment
  • D-Link Wireless Network Adapters
  • D-Link Wireless Access Points/Routers

Cisco Networking Academy Lab Equipment:

  • Cisco 800 Series Routers
  • Cisco 1700 Series Routers
  • Cisco 2500 Series Routers
  • Cisco 2600 Series Routers
  • Cisco 2500 Series Access Servers
  • Cisco Catalyst 1900 Series Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 2900 Series Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series Switches
  • Cisco Catalyst 4000 Series Switches
  • Cisco PCI 352 Wireless Network Adapters
  • Cisco Wireless 1200 Series Access Points
  • Cisco PIX 515 Firewalls
  • ATRAN's ATLAS 550s for WAN Emulation
  • Fuke Protocol Analyzer
  • Fluke Network Inspector
  • Fluke 620 LAN Cable Meter
  • Fluke DSP-2000 LAN Cable Analyzer