Mathematics Department


Unsure about which math course you should take?

  • All students may register for either Math 105 (College Algebra) along with its corequisite course Math 85, as well as Math 120 (Introductory Statistics) along with its corequisite course Math 80. It is highly suggested that you follow the placement guidelines suggested by your counselor. Different courses are recommended based on your choice of major or field of study.
  • Please take your Math and English courses early; both help to promote success in other discipline areas.

Introduction Video to the VVC Math Dept, its courses, and your support options:

Click HERE to watch the Math Dept Intruduction video on YouTuble.

The VVC Math Department CARES about YOU!

While we are all negotiating the challenges of remote learning during the Covid-19 crisis, there are many resources available to you:

  • Tutorng is currently available on Saturdays and Sundays (summer excluded)!
  • Math professors are holding regular workshops to support you!

To access tutoring services, log in to your Canvas account and access the course titled "Tutoring and Academic Support" and click on "VVC Zoom" in the left navigation panel. This will give you the opportunity to join any of the available tutoring sessions and workshops being held throughout the week.

Remote Learning

During this time of remote learning, courses are being offered in a variety of formats.

  • "Online" courses are strictly online, with no live or syncronous components.
  • "Hybrid" and courses on the "Main" campus will typically have portions of your class time spent in "live" (synchronous) instruction and the remainder of the instruction time spent in prepared video lectures and lessons. When VVC is given the all-clear to return to campus, the classes will be held at the scheduled dates and times.

 Corequiste Support

VVC offers corequisite support courses for many of the sections of Math 105, 120, 226, and 227. This extra support helps you to build study skills needed in your course, provides you with additional time with your instructor, helps provide you with additonal activities to help you build a better understanding, and to help fill in the gaps on any prerequisite material you may have missed in a previouls course.

The Victor Valley College Mathematics Department offers a variety of courses to meet the needs of our diverse student population. It is a vital and growing program, providing reasoning skills to help students function in a wide range of sciences: social, biological, physical, behavioral, and management. Mathematics is necessary for understanding and expressing ideas in science, engineering, and human affairs. Mathematics is integrally related to computer science and statistics, which have proven invaluable to advancing research and modern industrial technology. The Mathematics curriculum academically prepares the student to transfer to a 4-year university to complete a Baccalaureate degree; it is also an integral part of many certificates and degrees offered at VVC. In addition, we offer an AS-T in Mathematics at Victor Valley College!


Math Classrooms and Offices on Campus