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Michael Butros



A.S., Victor Valley College, B.S., University of California - Irvine, M.S., Northern Arizona University


I was born in Yonkers, New York but my family moved to Amman, Jordan (Middle East) when I was two years old. I completed high school in Jordan and shortly after that I returned to the US to begin my higher education.

In 1991, I received my A.S. degree from Victor Valley College and transferred to the University of Cal, Irvine to study electrical engineering, but shortly after that I discovered that I would rather study mathematics instead. In 1994, I graduated with a B.S. in mathematics, with an emphasis in applied mathematics, from UCI.

I began my graduate work in mathematics at Northern Arizona University in 1997. I received my M.S. in mathematics from NAU in August, 2000. My thesis project dealt with finding numerical solutions to nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations. My thesis advisor was Dr. John Neuberger along with committee members Dr. James Swift and Dr. Lawrence Perko (Emeritus).

I studied physics at Cal. State University, San Bernardino. While studying physics, I got a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts frequently used in studying physical phenomenon and solving physical problems. Through studying physics, I strengthened my love for mathematics and its beauty as well as gained a special interest in physics and its importance in our daily life. While at CSUSB, I had the pleasure of taking Dr. Paul Renteln, Dr. Tim Usher, Dr. Kolehmainen, and Dr. Paul Dixon. I learned from each one of them about physics (of course), but more importantly, about being a professor.

I enjoy hiking. My greatest accomplishment as a hiker came on 10/17/1999 when I hiked the Grand Canyon from the South rim to the North rim. A hike which took 11.5 hours. It was the most difficult and most rewarding adventure I have experienced to date. I also enjoy biking (as a hobby). I have studied the martial art of Aikido while at UCI. I am interested in studying muay thai and jiujitsu.

I LOVE reading, especially books relating to math, physics, and the philosophy of science. I also enjoy listening to music (especially Arabic music) and cooking.

Personal home page: https://www.butros.info

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