The Microsoft Alliance: What does it mean to you?

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MSDNAA: Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance provides the department and our students a cost effective way to keep up with the latest changes in Microsoft software. The MSDNAA program was designed specifically to provide resources to technology departments and their students.

Students can now have the latest Microsoft Software. Students taking at least one credit or certificate course in the department may load the software on their personal machines for use in their course work and personal projects. Students do NOT need to remove the software at the end of the course.

What software is available? All of the latest operating systems and development software i.e. Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro, Visual Studios, etc.

How do you obtain the software? You must register first. Eligible students who register will receive an email with a username and password that can be used to login and place an order. After ordering you may have the option to have a copy sent directly to you and pay a nominal fee for shipping and handling. Alternatively, you can bring us a blank CD, a copy of the order confirmation and we will burn you a copy.

For more information or to view/order software, contact our faculty/staff.