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MyVVC is providing all students access to Single Sign On service, which offers better web access, account management, application access, and improved security. All eligible students are provisioned to use this service to access all their applications for course schedule, registration, Canvas, and more. 


  • Single Sign On solution
  • Self Service Password Management 
  • Improved user account security 
  • Mobile App support 



Follow the following steps to get started

Sign In to 

Sign in with MyVVC username. This is typically your WebAdvisor username.

Sign In

My Profile

Here is where you change your profile picture, themes, access your password lockers, auto launch apps, password recovery options, and two-factor authentication.My Profile

Password Recovery/ Two Factor Authentication

You must set up a Password Recovery Method upon the first login. My Profile Settings > Recovery allows you to reset your MyVVC password.  Setting up your recovery options enables you to use the ‘Help, I forgot my password.’ button on the login page.

Password Recovery/2FA

Two Factor Authentication

You must set up a and a Two Factor Authentication Image upon the first login. Profile Settings > Recovery

Click the switch for Enable Two-Factor Auth for Sign-in. Select either phone or image from the drop down box. Enter your phone number, select an image, or choose a Mobile Authenticator app.Two Factor Authentication

My Apps

The My Apps screen is where all of your online resources will be located.  Enter your username and password once (if prompted) and ClassLink will remember it for you! My Apps

Edit Password

Right click an app and choose ‘Edit Password’ to update or change your stored username and passwords for your applications.  Use this if you have entered your username or password incorrectly or if something has changed/updated.

Edit Password

My Files

My Files > Network Storage allows you to access your network drives from any device, any where, and any time.

My Files

Cloud Drives

My Files > Manage Services > Connect allows you to connect your Cloud Drives in ClassLink to access all of your files in one location!

Cloud Drives



Contact the VVC IT Helpdesk or Desktop Team at, or call 760-372-7500.


Follow the links below for your device platform, install MyVVC Launchpad Classlink App on a mobile device, then search the institution name "Victor Valley College" to continue.

For iOS devices,

Go here

For Android devices, 

Go here

Browser Extensions

Follow the links below for your web browsers and install Classlink browser Extension. These browser extensions will improve your user login experience with the MyVVC Launchpad to your applications. Click on each link below from the specifc browser to install the browser extension.


MyVVC Launchpad provides all students access to Single Sign One services, which offers better web access, account management, application access, and improved security. 





Getting Started 

Sign in to 

Requesting Help, or call 760-372-7500