Community Resource Fair

Visit our campus and learn more about all that we have to offer. get help applying for admissins and financial aid, connect with old student support programs, and receive basic needs assitance for food, clothing and more from 20+ community agencies!

It is with great excitement, that we announce the debut of the 1st annual Victor Valley College Community Resource Fair. This upcoming event will be held on the VVC Campus, July 29, 2021, from 10:00a.m. – 3:00p.m. 


As the Director of the VVC Outreach Department, and a member of the Community Resource Fair planning team, I’d like to welcome and encourage all VVC faculty and staff members to come out and participate as we roll out the red carpet in the spirit of inviting our High Desert neighbors, families, friends, Bridge feeder schools, and first-time college students to Victor Valley College. 


This event will create an excellent opportunity for department managers, department chairpersons, and campus deans to promote their departments and programs to all our visiting guests. 

The setting and location for this memorable event will take place on the upper campus, centered around the beautiful backdrop of our campus lake. This ideal setting will provide our guests with the opportunity to visit and meet with representatives from our extended list of educational and training programs. Visitors will also have the opportunity to interact with VVC department tables manned with staff members who proudly represent their departments. 


As a member of the planning team, our mission and goals were very clear from the start; create an annual event whereby VVC faculty and staff members can showcase their departments and programs to all members of the High Desert community. We believe that successful long-term meaningful relationships will be established by inviting the High Desert community to come and see what Victor Valley College has to offer. This annual platform will also allow VVC to offer real-time matriculation steps.  

Because the measure of our success is based upon the number of students that apply and register for VVC classes, we have committed to making this matriculation process for incoming students as smooth and easy as possible. Because of this “Caring Campus” practice, all potential incoming students will now have the option of applying to Victor Valley College and registering for classes during this annual event all in real-time!


With your help and support, we are extremely confident this event will be a campus-wide success. By participating, your support will give strength to our collective efforts which in the end, brings us together in the creation of a “Caring Campus.”  


In closing, we are looking forward to this exciting event on the VVC campus July 29th and hope you will also join in this effort to showcase VVC and all that we have to offer the High Desert community. A flyer for the community resource fair event is attached, and registration links are posted below for your review. Please take a moment to review the registration links or contact at 760-245-4271 ext. 2473  

Registration Links:  

·         Instructional Dept Registration 

·         Vendor Registration (off-campus)  - for community organizations 

·         Student Support Dept Registration – all other campus areas that do not fall under instructional  

·         Attendee Registration  - people who will be attending 

·         Volunteer Registration – people on and off campus who will wish to help that day