NUID | Kaiser Permanente Medical Center / Fontana


  • The Clinical Coordinator’s Office then receives an “NUID” number from Kaiser unique to each nursing student. The “NUID” will be your nursing student access to mandatory documents/ clinical site Electronic Medical Records.

  • The Clinical Coordinator will email your “NUID” number to your college email only. It is important to have your college email active prior to your semester beginning.

  • Once you receive your “NUID” number, you can then access the required “KP Learning Modules/Certificates. (Read instructions in the “KP Learning Modules Section)

  • Complete, print as directed your completed “KP Learning Module Certificates”* which consist of:

    • KP Health Connect Inpatient Training For Nursing Students (0072999)

    • SCAL 2017 New Employee: Safety and Environment of Care Training (00751098) or current year

    • Annual Compliance Training 2017 (00746226) or current year

    • 2017 Fontana –Ontario Annual SOS (00756954)

    • Water Disposal Waste – (00755826)