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Regular Window Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

  • Friday: 8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Summer Window Hours (June 11th through August 10th)

  • Monday - Thursday:  8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


(Enrollment/tuition fees must be paid within 10 days or you may be dropped for nonpayment).

Using WebAdvisor, you can confirm your account balance and fee payment deadline date. Pay close attention to the TOTAL FEES and DEADLINE DATE.

Write down or print your total fees. Fees must be accurate. If your Student Fee Worksheet and payment are not correct, there may be a delay in your registration.

Students requiring financial assistance should apply for financial aid early! If you are a financial aid student or need financial assistance, please complete the FAFSA.

If you are a Department of Rehabilitation Student, you must also submit a voucher from the Department of Rehabilitation to the VVC’s Bursar’s Office.

Required Fees

  • Enrollment:  $46 per unit for each unit enrolled.

  • Nonresident Tuition:  For students who are NOT California residents, the fee is $234 per unit from 2017FA through 2018SU.  Starting 2018FA through 2019SU the fee will be $258 per unit.  (Fees for all California Community Colleges are set by the California Legislature and are subject to change.) For example: To take a class with a 3 unit value:

    Term Resident Type Enrollment Tuition Total
    2017FA - 2018SU     Non-Residents $138 $702 $840
    2018FA - 2019SU Non-Residents $138 $774 $912


  • Student Center: Maximum is $10 per academic year ($5 fall term and $5 spring term). Fees are mandatory and are used to maintain the Student Activities Center.

  • Student Transportation Fee: All students registering for credit classes will be charged a mandatory, non-waivable Transportation Fee.  For fall/spring terms, the fee for students enrolled in less than 6 units will be $5.50 and students enrolled in 6 or more units will be a maximum of $6.  For summer/winter terms, the fee will be $3 per student.  The Student Transportation Fee is authorized by revised Education Code Section 76361.1 and allows for this fee based upon the favorable vote of a majority of the students of the district who voted at an election on the question of whether or not the governing board should require all students to pay a fee for transportation services.

Optional Fees

  • Parking Permit: Students may purchase permits through WebAdvisor from a third party vendor (Credentials Order Processing Services).  Permits will be mailed directly to the student by the vendor.

  • Parking fee:

    • Fall and Spring Semesters - $40.00 plus a $3.65 processing fee

    • Fall and Spring Semesters (for BOGG eligible students) - $20.00 plus a $3.15 processing fee

    • Winter and Summer Sessions - $20.00 plus a $3.65 processing fee  or $3.15 processing fee (BOGG eligible students) 

    • NOTE: Agencies issuing vouchers for student parking permits must now include the applicable sales tax on all payment authorizations.  Calculate sales tax on the price of the parking permit then add the associated processing fee to the permit price plus the calculated sales tax.  For example with 7.75% sales tax: $40 permit + $3.10 sales tax + $3.65 processing fee = $46.75.  If sales tax is not included on the voucher, payment liability will fall on the students.

  • Parking permits are required and must be displayed to park on campus, Monday-Saturday. Parking rules and regulations can be found at Parking rules and regulations are also printed on the front of the parking permits.

  • Questions regarding parking information should be directed to the Campus Police Office at 245-4271, ext. 2329/2516, between the hours of 7:30am and 4:00pm (Pacific Time Zone).

  • ASB Card: All students registering for credit classes are given the option of adding the ASB Card for a $10 fee (Fall/Spring) and a $5 fee (Summer/Winter). Replacement cost is $5 for lost cards. Fees are to be paid at the Bursar's Office or on WebAdvisor.  ASB cards and Student ID cards are issued by the Associated Student Body in the Student Activities Center.

  • Student Representation Fee: All students registering for credit classes are given the option of adding the Student Representation Fee for $1.00 per student, per semester (Fall/Spring only). The student representation fee is authorized by Education Code Section 76060.5 and implements Title 5 regulations commencing with Section 54801. Section 54805 requires a notice to be provided to students stating that: "the money collected pursuant to this article shall be expended to provide support for students or representatives who may be stating their positions and viewpoints before city, county, and district government, and before offices and agencies of the state and federal government."

  • Books & Supplies: Students may purchase books and supplies for their classes at the Rams Bookstore or online at Expenses for full-time students range from $200-400 per semester. Scholarships and financial aid may be available.

  • Auditing: Auditing is allowed by instructor permission on a space-available basis (Education Code 72252.3). This is to ensure that students taking courses for credit toward degree or certificate completion have the opportunity to do so. Students can obtain a course audit form from the Admissions Office the first day of classes.   The cost is $15 per unit per semester. Auditing fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  • Credit by Exam:Credit by Exam is allowed by a student after successfully completing 12 semester units of credit at Victor Valley College. The student must request a form from the Admissions Office to initiate the process. Keep in mind that Credit by Exam is not a right, it is the department's discretion to offer the exam.

Upon approval, with the required signatures, California resident students will pay the current enrollment fees and non-residents must pay out-of-state resident tuition plus enrollment fees.  The fees are non-refundable.

A request for credit by examination must be submitted by the fourth week of the term (second week for summer courses).

Payment and refunds

For your convenience, you may pay your fees:

Payments must be received no later than 4 pm on the fee payment deadline date.


Please have credit card number and expiration date READY. Pay by credit card in the following ways:


To pay by mail.  Fill out the Student Fee Worksheet.

  • U.S. Postal Service: Must be received no later than the deadline date to avoid being dropped from your classes.         

    • Mail to: VVC Bursar's Office - 18422 Bear Valley Road - Victorville, CA 92395-5850


You may pay in person at the Bursar's Office in the Student Services Building #52 before the fee payment deadline date. See Student Services Office Hours.


Students are responsible for processing their own vouchers such as those for rehabilitation, EOPS, financial aid, and veterans.

Payments must be received no later than 4 pm on the fee payment deadline date.

Fee Refunds Policy

DROP DEADLINE - refund for 16 week classes


Prior to the first day of the term, to avoid being dropped from classes, all fees must be paid within 10 business days of registration.  Once classes begin, fees must be paid within 24 hours after registration.  The student will be responsible for dropping their classes by the refund deadline to be eligible for a refund.  If classes are not dropped the student will be responsible for the fees.  

 **FEE REFUND POLICY: For 16-WEEK CLASSES the drop deadline is 14 calendar days (excluding holidays) from the first day of the Term.  For SHORT-TERM CLASSES the drop deadline is before 10% of the class meetings have been held.

 **FINANCIAL AID STUDENTS:  It will be your responsibility to make sure any Financial Aid is in place for the upcoming term including BOGG fee waivers, scholarships, veterans benefits etc

 The following apply:

  • Parking Fee, Student Center Fee, Student Transportation Fee, Student Representation Fee (Fall/Spring), ASB Card Fee Full refunds are given to students withdrawing from all of their classes prior to the first day of the Term. Refund Applications are available from the Bursar's Office in Building 52.

  • Enrollment Fees Refunds are given for withdrawals up to the last day to drop classes with refund. (Title V, sec. 58508.) For details on the Board of Governors Grant, click here.

  • Non-resident Tuition Refunds are given for withdrawals up to the refund deadline. Refunds will also be made for any erroneous determinations of non-resident status.

  • Military Withdrawals Members of an active or reserve U.S. military service who withdraw from classes because of military orders receive a full refund of enrollment fees upon filing a Refund Application form and submitting documentation of military orders.

  • Refund Processing A $10 processing fee will be charged to students requesting a refund.  This fee will be deducted from the amount of the refund due to the student.  Please allow 4-8 weeks after the request has been submitted.

Click here to open the online Refund Application form.

  • Print it out,

  • Fill it out,

  • and Mail it to: VVC Bursar's Office 18422 Bear Valley Road Victorville, CA 92395-5850

Fee Exchange

This applies to 16-week classes ONLY.

Enrollment fees for dropped classes will be exchanged for added classes through the last day to drop classes with refund. After that, additional fees will be due for ANY classes, even if classes are dropped at the same time.

If you have any questions, please call (760) 245-4271 ext. 2370


Last Updated 10/29/19