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Transfer Hall of Fame : 2019

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These are a few of VVC's 2019-2020 transfer students! Congratulations!

"Words of Thanks" Power Point from students who participated in the 2019 Transfer Celebration.





Heba Ayeda Heba Ayeda CSU San Bernardino Mathematics
Kiera Allen Hesham Ayeda Cal Poly Pomona Civil Engineering
Mary Emily Bonello Mary Emily Bonello CSU Long Beach Studio Art
Valentina Aragan Mina Breitel CSU San Bernardino Liberal Studies- Spanish Studies Track
Trevor Aydelott Bryce Brooks CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Adam Cappz Adam Cappz CSU Northridge Film Production
Beatris Casillas Beatris Casillas CSU San Bernardino Spanish
Brandi Castillo Brandi Castillo CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Kimberly Castillo Kimberly Castillo CSU Los Angeles Administration of Criminal Justice
Mayra Castillo  Mayra Castillo CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Margarita Casillas Francisco Castro CSU San Bernardino History
Isaac Castellanos Connie Cheung UC Irvine English
Jessica Davis Jessica Davis UC Irvine Musical Theater
Ebonie Durham Ebonie Durham UC Davis Theater and Dance
Victoria Craig Sonia Espinoza CSU San Bernardino Social Work
Edward Freer Edward Freer San Diego State University Communication
Lloyd Furness Lloyd Furness  CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Edgar Garcia Edgar Garcia Cal Poly Pomona Business Accounting
Dolores Godoy Dolores Godoy CSU San Bernardino Sociology
Brenda Gomez Brenda Gomez  Cal Poly Pomona Accounting
Cameron Gonzalez Cameron Gonzalez Cal Poly Pomona Criminal Justice
Jazmine Gonzalez Jazmine Gonzalez CSU San Bernardino Business Administration
Juliyana Hasroun Juliyana Hasroun CSU San Bernardino Sociology- Social Services Track
Charles Hastings Charles Hastings UC San Diego Chemical Engineering
Devinne Hoffmann Devinne Hoffmann CSU San Bernardino Mathematics: Concentration in Biology
Tricia Holloway Tricia Holloway CSU Los Angeles Early Childhood Development
Nisha Kamboh Nisha Kamboh UC Riverside Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology
Sumanpreet Kaur Sumanpreet Kaur CSU San Bernardino Accounting
Louise Emret Labra Louise Emret Labra UC Riverside Biology
Darrien Lambert Darrien Lambert CSU San Bernardino Nutrition and Food Sciences
 Genevieve Lay Genevieve Lay  CSU San Bernardino Fine Art
Cody Lisle Cody Lisle CSU San Bernardino Psychology 
Tyler Malone Tyler Malone CSU Long Beach English for Education
Gregory Maratita Gregory Maratita CSU Long Beach Sociology
Stephanie Martinez Stephanie Martinez University of Nevada, Las Vegas Criminal Justice
Andrea McCall-Skidmore Andrea McCall-Skidmore UC Riverside Psychology
Natesa McCraw Natesa McCraw CSU San Bernardino Psychology
Daisy Mercado Daisy Mercado Concordia University Texas Nursing
Amanda Miller Amanda Miller CSU San Bernardino

Criminal Justice

Tracy Ochoa Tracy Ochoa UC Berkeley Mass Communications
Rosa Ojeda Rosa Ojeda CSU San Bernardino Computer Science
Alan Orduno Alan Orduno CSU San Bernardino Mathematics
Ernesto Pantoja Ernesto Pantoja CSU San Bernardino Cyber Security
Desmond Patterson Desmond Patterson Cal Poly Pomona Architecture
Ly'Dia Reyes Ly'Dia Reyes CSU San Bernardino Sociology
 Ben Reynolds Ben Reynolds CSU San Bernardino Communications
Alejandro Rodriguez Alejandro Rodriguez UC Riverside Philosophy
Monserrat Rodriguez Monserrat Rodriguez CSU San Bernardino Criminal Justice
Esmeralda Romero Esmeralda Romero UC Irvine Psychological Science
Jacqueline Rose Jacqueline Rose CSU Los Angeles Mathematics
Amber Scott Amber Scott CSU San Bernardino Communication
Gerald Sescon Gerald Sescon UC Riverside Microbiology
James Smith James Smith CSU San Bernardino Business Administration
Shakeia Smith Shakeia Smith CSU San Bernardino Social Work
Dalia Soltero Dalia Soltero CSU San Bernardino Communication
Esmeralda Soto Esmeralda Soto UC Santa Barbara Environmental Studies
Aaron Stanfield Aaron Stanfield Cal Poly Pomona Theater
Jaclyn Stapleton Jaclyn Stapleton University of La Verne Educational Studies
Jerry Stockton Jerry Stockton CSU San Bernardino Sociology
Rebecca Tirado Rebecca Tirado CSU San Bernardino Art Education
Francisco Uribe Francisco Uribe UC Riverside Biology
Deystany Vickers Deystany Vickers UC Riverside Poitical Science
Arianna Villa Arianna Villa UC Santa Cruz Sociology
Kathleen Ward Kathleen Ward CSU San Bernardino Liberal Studies
Jessica Wilson Jessica Wilson UC San Diego Classics

 These students signed a waiver allowing the VVC Transfer Center to post their images and transfer information.  If you are on this page and would prefer not to be listed, please e-mail Lorena Ochoa at



Last Updated 10/29/19