One Book, One College

Student Pledge for The Marrow Thieves Giveaway
Cover for OBOC's 2021-2022 selected book

What is One Book, One College?

The One Book, One College program largely focuses on captivating the First Year Experience (FYE) student population and aims to create a community of readers by cultivating a cultural and intellectual shared reading experience between students, faculty, and staff.  This year's selection is The Marrow Thieves, by Cherie Dimaline.

How Does It Work?

Each academic year, the campus will read and discuss the themes of the chosen book, which will be closely-read in the classroom and promote group discussions across campus, inspiring academic conversation on socially relevant topics. Events inspired by the selected book are arranged for student, faculty, and staff enjoyment and participation.

Book Nomination Process

The shared reading experience begins with spring nominations from the campus: the student body, staff, and faculty. A group of faculty then narrows the nomination field based on selected criteria that the book must:

  • represent socially and culturally relevant issues found within society
  • encourage student critical thinking about his/her community or other communities locally and globally
  • create opportunity to strengthen and build relationships between student to student, faculty & staff to student, and faculty and staff as well. 

After the final candidates of books are determined, a small group of faculty and staff will read, deliberate, and select one book for the upcoming year.